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TV channel
reception Satellite ( Eutelsat 21B )
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Start of transmission October 13, 2010
language German
Seat GermanyGermany Germany
owner Federal ministry of defense
Broadcaster Federal Armed Forces (Center for Operational Communication of the Federal Armed Forces, Support Media Department)
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Bundeswehr TV ( bwtv ) is a non-public television station of the Federal Ministry of Defense for the support of the Bundeswehr .

On October 13, 2010, after eight years of trial operation , bwtv went into regular operation in accordance with the decision of State Secretary Rüdiger Wolf in the Federal Ministry of Defense. An essential decision-making aid was a comprehensive profitability study in accordance with Section 7 of the Federal Budget Code. In control mode BWTV no television medium of troop information Bundeswehr anymore but now an instrument of care for soldiers in the Bundeswehr operations abroad (service television). In this respect, bwtv complements the range of services offered by Radio Andernach , the support radio for soldiers in the Bundeswehr in a target group-oriented manner .

The construction costs for the studio amounted to 100 million euros. In a trial run, bwtv began broadcasting as a corporate television company in Sankt Augustin in April 2002 and was aimed exclusively at soldiers and civilian employees of the Bundeswehr, since state broadcasting aimed at the general public is prohibited in Germany . The transition to regular operation did not change anything. In regular operation, the offer is available 24 hours a day.

Between August 4, 2010 and October 13, 2010, the station produced and published special short articles for the German armed forces' YouTube channel on the Internet for the general public . This is no longer part of the order in the regular operation of support television. The editorial capacities for in-house productions are no longer available to bwtv as support television .

The necessary scope of the Federal Defense’s own capacities for the production of AV media, which are also suitable for being published on YouTube or on other platforms on the Internet, is based on a concept for the instruments of public relations and recruiting by the management of the Federal Ministry of Defense , taking into account the requirements of the economic efficiency principles in the federal administration in accordance with §§ 6 and 7 of the Federal Budget Code .

The range of support formats offered by bwtv in regular operation includes news (in particular from Deutsche Welle TV ), feature films (also as series) and sports reports - since 2007 all Bundesliga games live in the conference call, but also sports reports from the Olympic Games, the UEFA Cup matches, the World Cup and European Championship. As in the trial run, the news, feature films and sports reports can only be received at Bundeswehr locations abroad. Since October 13, 2010, there has been no in-house production of, for example, Bundeswehr-specific magazine programs and news until a new profitability study is presented at the end of 2015. In addition, the viewers' opinion of the soldiers in action is to be determined by means of a media response analysis. The aim is to determine the special information and support needs of the soldiers in action - taking into account the fact that only a few or no German-language TV channels can be received during deployment - and to flexibly adapt the bwtv transmission schedule to the conditions of deployment.

Since 2011, it has been possible to receive encrypted reception via satellite in regular operation in all areas of operation, including the floating units (e.g. in ATALANTA operations ).

BwTV has been broadcasting from Mayen in Rhineland-Palatinate since March 2015 .

Bundeswehr TV broadcasts in Conax - encryption via the Satellite Eutelsat 21B . The operation costs 8.9 million euros annually.

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