Colorful shards

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Colorful shards
Studio album from Keimzeit



Label (s) K&P Music / BMG

Format (s)

CD, vinyl LP

Genre (s)


Title (number)


  • Roland Leisegang (drums, vocals)
  • Hartmut Leisegang (bass, mandolin)
  • Ulrich Sende (lead guitar)
  • Matthias Opitz (piano, organ)


Studio (s)

  • Recordings: Power Play recording studio in Berlin-Moabit (except track # 13)
  • Mixing: Studio Schreier & Kramer in Berlin-Wilhelmshagen (except track # 13)
  • Track # 13 recorded and mixed in the Vielklang studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg
Chapter Eleven
Colorful shards Primroses & Elephants

Bunte Scharte is the third album by the German rock music group Keimzeit .

The songs were recorded (with one exception) in the Power Play recording studio in Berlin-Moabit. The album went on sale in 1993. Hermann Naehring (percussions) and Tobias Morgenstern (accordion) appeared as guest musicians .


On their third album, the band opens up to new musical influences: the GDR blues rock barely shimmers through, but South American rhythms can be heard in half of all songs. Many of the songs are extraordinarily happy and are supported by the playful lyrics ( Kling Klang , Zwanzig ). Even the song Sad Child seems elated. In contrast, there are melancholy ballads such as Kleinod , the instrumental Oputz I and the dark, rocky Butterflies .

The song Kling Klang can even be found twice on the album: Track # 13 can be regarded as the original version. It was the only one that was not recorded in the Power Play recording studio in Berlin-Moabit, but in the multi - sound studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Track # 2, on the other hand, is considered the trendy radio version.


“The hottest thing from our east: With a laconic, hypnotic Rio Reiser-hoarse voice, Norbert Leisegang dissects the glittering plastic neon world that shatters into worthless pieces. In playful folk blues, samba and rock tones, Keimzeit recommends dancing underground as an antidote . Between the lines is the sympathy for eternal losers who start the last attempt at breaking out - to Tierra del Fuego, to hot-blooded flamenco or to bitter loves. "

- Review of the album on

“Seven years ago [1998] I had believed that Kling Klang was a little ugly hit. However, my opinion has changed. Of course, I still think it's a hit that has a certain magic and does a lot of beautiful things. So I'm proud of it now. "

- Norbert Leisegang in an interview with Christian Hentschel

Track list

All songs (composition and text) by Norbert Leisegang - except title 11

  1. American love
  2. Ring sound
  3. Wide
  4. Butterflies
  5. Colorful shards
  6. Sad child
  7. Summer nights
  8. La Vie de la Boheme
  9. Lake full of tears
  10. Gem
  11. Oputz I (instrumental) (Music: Matthias Opitz )
  12. Alfred
  13. Kling Klang (composed 1986)
  14. Twenty-two

Individual evidence

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