Eppenberg Castle Stables

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Eppenberg Castle Stables
Burgstall Eppenberg (May 2013)

Burgstall Eppenberg (May 2013)

Alternative name (s): Lehner castle hill
Castle type : Hilltop castle
Conservation status: Burgstall
Place: Community Ottensheim

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The Postal Eppenberg an Outbound hilltop castle in the district of Lower Ottensheim the municipality of Ottensheim in District Urfahr environment .

The castle may have belonged to the rule of the Lords of Ort , relatives of the Lords of Wilhering , because in 1210 Eppenberg was still in the fief of Hartnids von Ort . When Eppenberg came to the Wilhering Monastery is unclear.

The substructure of the Hausberg-like weir system is still well preserved. Minor impairments can be found in the area of ​​the outer bailey. Remnants of the wall could still be seen in the 1960s.


Individual evidence

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Sketch of the location of the Eppenberg Castle Stables (Lehner Castle Hill) after Ludwig Benesch (1911)