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Bushbell, aerial view
Fallen war memorial

Buschbell is a district of Frechen in the Rhein-Erft district to the east of the Erlenbusch , borders the A 4 in the north and has merged with Hueche to form a twin district. Buschbell has 2,967 inhabitants (as of January 31, 2012) .


In a document issued by the Archbishop Anno II of Cologne in 1074 , the forest tithe to Belle (Buschbell) is dealt with. In 1794 the place was occupied by French revolutionary troops. In 1815, after the coalition wars, Buschbell fell to the Kingdom of Prussia. Buschbell formed its own municipality in the Cologne district, Cologne administrative district, which belonged to the Frechen mayor. At the census on December 1, 1910, Buschbell had 732 inhabitants. In 1927 Bachem , Buschbell and Frechen merged. Buschbell has mainly been built with single-family and multi-family houses since the 1970s.


St. Ulrich Church

Wayside shrine in Wingert / Ulrichstrasse

The old St. Ulrich Church was built in 1752. It served the Catholic parish of St. Ulrich as a parish church until 1964. It shows several glass windows by Georg Meistermann from the period after the Second World War.

The Catholic community later had to build a new, larger church due to the rapid growth of the place. From this time on, the Protestant parish enjoyed hospitality in the St. Ulrich Church until 1982. The condition of the church at that time did not allow any further use. In 1984 the Evangelical Church Community Frechen took over the building, renovated it from the foundation walls and added community rooms. The high altar and some figures of saints have been preserved from the elements of the Catholic Church. the building and the adjoining parish hall were bought by the Gold Kraemer Foundation. Since 2009 the object has been used for church services of both denominations and the integrative meeting center is housed there.

The portal of the new Catholic Church of St. Ulrich and St. Aegidius from 1964 is the work of the metal sculptor Jakob Riffeler .


The next stop is "Frechen-Königsdorf" on the S-Bahn lines S 12 (Horrem - Frechen-Königsdorf - Cologne - Porz am Rhein - Troisdorf - Hennef (Sieg) - Au (Sieg) ), S 13 and S 19 ( Düren - Horrem - Frechen-Königsdorf - Cologne - Cologne / Bonn Airport - Troisdorf - Hennef (Sieg) - Herchen - Au (Sieg)). The next motorway junctions are “Frechen” on the A 1 and “Frechen-Nord” on the A 4 .


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