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The CA / Browser Forum is a consortium of CAs ( English Certificate Authorities ), and Web browser -producers for common policy creation for the X.509 - public key infrastructure . The baseline requirements are an important product : the minimum requirements for certification bodies.


The CA / Browser Forum is not formally registered as an organization, but is an association without a specific legal form . Nevertheless, the participants agreed on a statute that regulates membership and voting rights . The forum has no funds. Necessary expenses, for example for running the website or mailing lists, are borne directly by the participants.

Its members include more than 50 certification bodies, including industry giants such as Amazon , DigiCert , GlobalSign , GoDaddy , Let's Encrypt or Network Solutions , as well as mostly national certification bodies such as CNNIC , D-TRUST , Swisscom or TÜRKTRUST .

The following members have the status of a browser manufacturer:

Baseline requirements

The baseline requirements define the minimum requirements that must be met by all certification authorities so that the X.509 certificates they issue are accepted as trustworthy by web browsers.

To adopt a new version of the minimum requirements, a two-thirds majority of the certification authorities and an absolute majority of the browser manufacturers are required.

The minimum requirements regulate which validation methods may be used to check whether an applicant has control over a domain . The stricter requirements for Extended Validation Certificates (EV) are also regulated in the minimum requirements.

The DNS Certification Authority Authorization support, which has been mandatory for certification authorities since 2017, is laid down in the minimum requirements.

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