Calwer Hermann Hesse Foundation

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The Calw Hermann Hesse Foundation was founded in 1989 in memory of the Calw- born Nobel Prize laureate Hermann Hesse .


The sponsors are Südwestrundfunk and Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw . This non-profit foundation for “maintaining literary culture in service and promoting international understanding in the spirit and work of Hermann Hesse.” Is partially supported by the state of Baden-Württemberg . The main purposes of the foundation are the awarding of the Calw Hermann Hesse Prize and the awarding of literary grants .

Foundation bodies

The foundation has two foundation bodies , the board of directors and the board of trustees .


The main task of the Board of Directors is to appoint the award jury for the prizes and grants. The members of the board of directors are sent

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees elects and monitors the board of directors, suggests the members of the jury and makes suggestions for award winners and scholarship holders. The committee includes:

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