Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg

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Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg
- MWK BW -

Large coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg
State level Baden-Württemberg
position Supreme state authority
founding 1978
Headquarters Koenigstrasse 46
Authority management Theresia Bauer
Servants about 300
Web presence
Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart, Königstrasse

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Art is one of eleven ministries in the administration of the state of Baden-Württemberg . It was only separated from the then Ministry of Culture in 1978 and established as an independent ministry. At first it was called "Ministry of Science and Art", from 1992 "Ministry of Science and Research" and since 1996 it has had its current name. Minister since 2011 is Theresia Bauer ( Greens ), State Secretary since 2016 Petra Olschowski .

Business area

The business area includes:

  1. Higher education, promotion of research and teaching, in particular
    1. Universities including university hospitals;
    2. Teacher training colleges ;
    3. Technical colleges ;
    4. Cooperative State University (merger of the professional academies );
    5. Study information and study advice;
    6. Distance learning ;
    7. student affairs including training grants;
    8. supraregional and international cultural affairs;
  2. scientific institutions outside the university sector, scientific further education;
  3. academic libraries , public libraries;
  4. Archiving ;
  5. Art and music colleges ;
  6. Maintenance of art, in particular the theater , music , museums , visual arts, literature and non-governmental archives, artist promotion, cultural concerns of the publishing industry;
  7. other matters in the field of science, research and the arts, unless another ministry is responsible.

The authority is based in Stuttgart . The head of the Ministry of Science is the Minister of Science , assisted by a State Secretary .

Officials and Political State Secretaries since 1978

Subordinate agencies

The Ministry of Science of Baden-Württemberg, among others, reports or assigns the following departments, authorities and institutions, or they are directly or indirectly supervised by it.

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