Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration Baden-Württemberg

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Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration
- SozM BW -

Large coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg
State level Baden-Württemberg
position Supreme state authority
founding 1952
Headquarters Else-Josenhans-Strasse 6
Authority management Manfred Lucha
Web presence [1]
Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration Baden-Württemberg

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration is one of eleven ministries in the administration of the state of Baden-Württemberg . From 1952 to 1968 it was called "Ministry of Labor", then "Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs", from 1976 "Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policy", from 1984 "Ministry of Labor, Health, Women and Social Policy", from 1992 " Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs ", from 2001" Ministry of Social Affairs ", from April 2005 again" Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs ", from February 2010" Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Family and Seniors ", from May 2011" Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs " Social Order, Family, Women and Seniors ”and since May 2016“ Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration ”. With inauguration of the green-black state government in May 2016, the Ministry also received the Department of integration from the from 2011 to 2016 alone Integration Ministry . In contrast, the labor department was assigned to the Ministry of Economic Affairs .

The social ministers since 1945 can be found in the list of social ministers of Baden-Württemberg .

Business area

The business area includes:

  1. Foreign workers;
  2. Social occupational safety including the company occupational safety organization, occupational medicine and the company medical service, health issues relating to occupational safety, X-ray regulations , medical products;
  3. Social structure and social planning, social change;
  4. Social compensation law, severely handicapped law ;
  5. Social insurance , old-age insurance for the self-employed, supervision of institutions and providers of social insurance, vocational training in social insurance, social medicine, rehabilitation of the disabled;
  6. Health care and hospital financing, including nursing law;
  7. Welfare care , social welfare , child and youth welfare, youth welfare and youth protection , politics for the older generation, social professions, maintenance security , collecting;
  8. Women's and Family Policy .

The authority is based in Stuttgart . The head of the Ministry of Social Affairs is the Minister of Social Affairs, who is assisted by a State Secretary .

Subordinate agencies

The following departments, authorities and institutions, among others, are subordinate to or assigned to the Ministry or are directly or indirectly supervised by it:

  • Regional Labor Court of Baden-Württemberg with its seat in Stuttgart
  • Regional Council Stuttgart - State Health Office Baden-Württemberg based in Stuttgart
  • German pension insurance Baden-Württemberg with headquarters in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart
  • Regional Council Stuttgart - State Supply Office Baden-Wuerttemberg with seat in Stuttgart
  • Nine centers for psychiatry (ZfP) in Bad Schussenried, Calw, Emmendingen, Ravensburg (Die Weissenau), Reichenau, Weinsberg, Wiesloch, Winnenden and Zwiefalten. The ZfP are specialist hospitals for psychiatry, psychotherapy and neurology as well as correctional institutions. In addition to medical care, they also offer services and are represented in networks. Nursing homes are also affiliated with them.

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