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Brita Steinwendtner (* 1942 in Wels ) is an Austrian writer . She lives as an author, director and columnist in Salzburg .


Brita Steinwendtner grew up in Hinterstoder and Steyr . She studied history, German literature and philosophy in Vienna and Paris and has a doctorate in history. From 1972 to 2000 she worked as a freelancer for the ORF and various foreign broadcasters. She designed numerous literature and audio features and TV portraits. From 1990 to 2012 she was the director of the Rauris Literature Days . Teaching assignments at the universities of Salzburg , Klagenfurt and Washington University in St. Louis / Missouri.

She publishes novels, essays, poems and stories.

The manuscripts and materials relating to the author's media work are kept in the Salzburg Literature Archive of the University of Salzburg as the “Brita Steinwendtner Collection” .

Prizes and awards

  • Prize of LiteraVision / Munich, for the best German film adaptation in 1992, for the film about Ilse Aichinger: Writing is learning to die
  • Prize of the Austrian People's Education, Vienna, 1992, also for the film about Ilse Aichinger
  • Nomination for the final selection of the best contributions for the Prize of LiteraVision / Munich for the films about Julian Schutting, Karl Heinrich Waggerl and Theodor Kramer
  • Prize of the Culture Fund of the City of Salzburg for life's work to date in 2005
  • Book Prize of the Salzburg Economy for outstanding literary achievements in writing and literary communication in 2007
  • Gold Ring of Honor at the Paris-Lodron University Salzburg 2010
  • Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art 2012


Novels, short stories


Essays (selection)

  • Reinhard Goering's relationship with Stefan George . In: Yearbook of the German Schiller Society, XVI / 1972, Stuttgart
  • Because the world is created from a distance . Essay on the situation in contemporary literature. In: Residenz-Verlag-Almanach "What critics like to read", Salzburg 1984.
  • The hand of the captors . In: "Suffering, Guilt, Reconciliation". Styria Verlag, Graz 1991.
  • American Job. Archibald MacLeish's drama "A Job for a Game" . In: Word and Music, Salzburg Academic Contributions, No. 15, "From Heaven through the World to Hell", Salzburg / Anif 1992.
  • my heart is the dress of a thought that has never been guessed. To HC Artmann. In: Dossier 3, ed. by G. Fuchs and R. Wischenbart, Literaturverlag Droschl, Graz 1992.
  • a) A few questions in letters. b) Collect the downfall. On Ilse Aichinger's short prose volume “Bad Words” . Dossier 5, ed. by Kurt Bartsch and Gerhard Melzer, Literaturverlag Droschl, Graz 1993.
  • Collect the downfall. To the short prose volume “Bad Words”. To Ilse Aichinger . In: Dossier 5, ed. by Kurt Bartsch and Gerhard Melzer, Literaturverlag Droschl, Graz 1993.
  • Talvolta le vere radici sono già disseccate. Le "Giornate Letterarie di Rauris" . In: home. Identià regionali nel prosecco storico, Roma 2000.
  • At the end of the world and at its origin at the same time. Notes on Carl Zuckmayer and Saas Fee . In: Literature and Criticism No. 349.
  • "... who I stand low in the light" - For Theodor Kramer. On the subject of "Memory", characters, Literary Forum Vienna, 2001.
  • Borderland Capital, Notes on St. Louis, Missouri . In: Literature & Criticism, July 2003.
  • Stelzhamerstraßeland. In: The Y in the name of the city, a Steyr reading book, ed. by Erich Hackl and Till Mairhofer, Steyr 2005.
  • Kuchl. Salzburg . In: Austria Atlas. Literary and photographic explorations from the center of Europe. Photographs by Anton Kiefer, ed. by Anna and Jochen Jung, Jung and Jung Verlag 2014.
  • ... I'm the place nowhere. To HC Artmann. In: People from Salzburg, ed. by Jochen Jung and Arno Kleibel, Jung and Jung Verlag and Otto Müller Verlag 2016.
  • Who looked at the beauty with eyes. Living and being forgotten in Syracuse. In: Literature and Criticism, March 2017, issue 511/512.
  • The sky over the Stodertal. In: The Steyr. Landscape & people on the river, CARTO.AT 2017.
  • The lace-up boots. In: Including spaces, an anthology by the Salzburg authors' group, edition eizenbergerhof 2017, ISBN 978-3-901243-45-5
  • Das Meer, Gruppe 47 and a young Viennese poet. Letter from Niendorf. In: Literature and Criticism, May 2018, issue 523/524.
  • forever lost On Hans Eichhorn's most recent publications. In: Literature and Criticism, October 2018, issue 525/526.


  • Erich Landgrebe, poems and pictures, edited by Brita Steinwendtner, Otto Müller Verlag 1989.
  • Rudolf Bayr, I have nothing but myself, edited by Brita Steinwendtner, selection from the work and biographical intermediate chapters, Residenz Verlag 1999.
  • The mountains. The yard. Staying. Pictures and stories. Edited by Brita Steinwendtner, Tauriska Verlag, Neukirchen am Großvenediger 2015, ISBN 978-3-901257-47-6

Media work

Television films

  • Peter Handke: Stay in things / Screenplay / ORF 1985
  • HCArtmann: Just have a bitter laugh / screenplay / ORF 1986
  • Artistic dual talents: A glass of grass in dream word music (Christian Ludwig Attersee, Günter Grass, Wolfgang Hildesheimer, Hermann Nitsch, Max Peintner, Gerhard Rühm and Günther Schatzdorfer), screenplay and co-director together with Kurt Liewehr, ORF 1988
  • Ilse Aichinger, writing is learning to die, screenplay and direction / 1991 coproduction ORF-ARD / Bayerischer Rundfunk
  • Julian Schutting: Enough of the distorted truth, screenplay and direction, 1995 co-production ORF-ARD / Bayerischer Rundfunk
  • Heart sees light, myth, medicine and the heart cycle by Johann Weyringer, screenplay and direction, ORF 1996
  • I myself went up in blackness, Karl Heinrich Waggerl on my 100th birthday, screenplay and director, ORF 1997
  • Bergsommer / Land der Berge / Bodo Hell and Toni Burger: two townspeople on the Alm, together with Lutz Maurer, screenplay and director, ORF 1998
  • Theodor Kramer: "... for those who are without a voice", portrait, screenplay and direction, ORF 1999
  • Ernst Jandls Vienna. A portrait of the poet and his city, screenplay and direction, ORF 2000
  • TEE - Treasure of the World, documentation, commissioned production by Teekanne GesmbH., Screenplay and direction, Salzburg 2001
  • 40 years of Rauriser Literaturtage, screenplay and direction, 2012

Radio (selection)

Literature portraits and features about Ilse Aichinger, Gerhard Amanshauser, HC Artmann, Robert Creeley, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Johannes Freumbichler, Karl-Markus Gauß, David Grossmann, Peter Handke, Jakob Haringer, Günter Herburger, Wolfgang Hildesheimer, Wolfgang Koeppen, Ruth Klüger, Reiner Kunze, Erhart Kästner, Hartmut Lange, Arthur Miller, Adolf Muschg, Robert Musil, Ippolito Nievo, Novalis, Christoph Ransmayr, Patrick Roth, George Saiko, Peter Turrini, Georg Trakl, Urs Widmer, Josef Winkler, Herbert Zand

Radio play director

  • “Seven Days to Light” by Eleonore Frey with Sona MacDonald and Raphael Spitzer, born blind, studio technology Walter Sailer, Ö1 1997

Audio tapes and CDs

  • About Ilse Aichinger: Interviews, poems, prose, radio plays, Der HörVerlag, Munich
  • Ruth Klüger: Live on, Der HörVerlag, Munich
  • Peter Handke: Lucie in the forest with the Dingsda, coproduction ORF and Suhrkamp Verlag, Peter Handke reads his story and plays the jaw harp. Short interview

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