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Carl Clemen

Carl Clemen (born March 30, 1865 in Sommerfeld near Leipzig , † July 8, 1940 in Bonn ) was a German Protestant theologian and religious historian.

Clemen was the son of the senior church councilor Christian August Julius Clemen (1838-1920) and his wife. His brothers were the art historian Paul Clemen (1866–1947) and the historian Otto Clemen (1871–1946).

After attending school from 1878 and graduating from high school in 1884 at the Princely School in Grimma , Carl Clemen studied Protestant theology in Leipzig, Tübingen, Halle and Berlin . He completed his habilitation in 1892 at the University of Halle . From 1910 he was associate professor and from 1920 full professor for the New Testament and the history of religion at the University of Bonn .

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