Carl Friedrich Deneke

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Carl Friedrich Deneke (born January 27, 1803 in Magdeburg , † July 1, 1877 in Magdeburg) was a secret councilor , politician and industrialist.

Carl Deneke


He was born the second of six children to a merchant family. From 1816 he completed an apprenticeship at the Magdeburg company Schütz und Co. In 1828 he founded the trading company Gneist & Deneke with Friedrich Gneist . From 1830 Gustav Coqui was a silent partner in the company. Russian agricultural products were mainly traded. In 1834 the collaboration stopped. In the same year Deneke married. In 1836 Deneke founded a freight forwarding company. In that year he also became a member of the council of elders of the Magdeburg Corporation of Merchants . From 1848 to 1877 he was the chairman of the committee.

In 1838 Deneke was elected to the Magdeburg city council. He was a member of this for 35 years, ten of them as chairman. In 1838 his daughter Ida was also born.

Deneke was economically active in a variety of ways. He operated in trading and shipping, but was also active in the cement and chicory industry. In 1846 he took over the management of the Magdeburg water company , was general agent of Thuringia and a cement factory in Szczecin . In 1843 he participated in the revival of the Magdeburg Stock Exchange, which was founded in 1825 .

In terms of economic policy, he was committed to lifting the Elbe tariffs and expanding the railway in the Magdeburg region. So he founded the Wittenberg Railway and campaigned for the construction of the Magdeburg- Helmstedt railway line .

On January 15, 1857 he became the first chairman of the Magdeburg private bank .

Deneke, along with Leberecht Uhlich , Friedrich Pax , Gustav Coqui, Eugen Fabricius and Victor von Unruh, was one of the pre-March liberals active in Magdeburg's citizens' assembly . In 1850, Deneke was involved in drafting the Prussian constitution and the customs tariff. In 1854 he worked on the Prussian bankruptcy code and in 1856 on the commercial code.

From 1852 to 1855 he represented Magdeburg in the Prussian House of Representatives .

On January 7, 1873 he was made an honorary citizen of the city of Magdeburg. The occasion was the twenty-fifth anniversary of his presidency in the merchants' corporation. At the same time, he was also appointed the secret councilor of commerce .


The city of Magdeburg named a street in his honor ( Denekestraße ).

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