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Carl Weisflog

Carl Weisflog (born December 27, 1770 in Sagan , † July 14, 1828 in Warmbrunn ) was a German writer .

Weisflog was the son of a school principal and from 1790 studied first theology and then law in Königsberg . After completing his studies, he was a tutor in Gumbinnen for a long time , then a trainee lawyer in Tilsit and Memel . He became a judge in his hometown of Sagan in 1802 and finally court director in 1827. He died in the spa town of Warmbrunn in 1828 after an illness lasting over 16 years.

Weisflog had been loosely friends with ETA Hoffmann since 1819 and - perhaps because of this - also worked as a writer. His stories and novels , which he published with great activity, were widely read at the time; are almost unknown today - despite the early adaptation of many set pieces by Johann Nestroy in his stage plays Der böse Geist Lumpazivagabundus (1833) and The Families Zwirn, Knieriem and Leim (1834) as well as a new edition of the novellas in 1925 by Gustav Meyrink under the title The big lot in ugly graceful histories .


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