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David Weber and his wife, 2007

David Mark Weber (born October 24, 1952 in Cleveland , Ohio ) is an American science fiction and fantasy author . Born in Cleveland, Ohio, he moved to Greenville , South Carolina with his parents a little later .

It was also his parents who - very successfully - encouraged him to read and write. Weber initially worked as a copywriter, trained in a printing company and later helped develop science fiction games. Today he works exclusively as a writer. David Weber is one of the best-selling science fiction writers. His main focus is the military side of fantastic literature, he designs sophisticated strategies and powerful battles. He became internationally known primarily with his series.


His college major was history. He took political science , English literature , English, comparative religion and sociology as minor subjects . His main area of ​​interest is military history . Weber lives in Greenville.

His stories mostly take place in scenarios with well thought-out and rationally explained technologies and societies. Even magical powers are supported and explained in the context of action by rational laws and principles.

Many of his stories deal with military issues and include in the genre of military science fiction . In doing so, he repeatedly incorporates military historical facts and data. He pays special attention to gender roles in the military. He does this by placing main female characters in traditionally male areas and confronting them with challenges for women in the military and politics.

In 1998 Weber received the Phoenix Award for his life's work.


Almost all of Weber's works (exception: the books of the Safehold series published by Tor-Books) are freely available in the full English original text on the Internet - as part of the CD edition of the Baen Free Library . Baen Publishing is also his "regular publisher". The Honor Harrington series has been published in German by Bastei-Lübbe Verlag . Since 2005, the other books have been gradually published by Bastei and Heyne Verlag .

Honor Harrington

His most successful and most extensive series is about Honor Harrington, whose military, political and social development can now be followed in 20 English or 23 German volumes (some original novels were divided into two books in the translation), four anthologies and two spin-off series can. Weber and this series are often compared to the famous author CS Forester and his seafaring series around Horatio Hornblower .


  • Vol.1: Mutineers' Moon, 1991
  • Vol 2: Armageddon Inheritance, 1993
  • Vol.3: Heirs of Empire, 1996

The anthology Empire from the Ashes from 2003 combines all three novels in one book.

Swords of anger

The 2007 reissue of Vol. 1 Oath of Swords also contains the short story Sword Brother, which is based on Wind Rider's Oath .

Marduk (Empire of Man), with John Ringo

  • Vol. 1: March Upcountry, 2001
  • Vol. 2: March to the Sea, 2001
  • Vol. 3: March to the Stars, 2003
  • Vol. 4: We Few, 2005

Ring of Fire (Assiti Shards), with Eric Flint (main strand of this cycle)

  • Vol. 2: 1633, 2002
  • Vol. 3: 1634: The Baltic War, 2007

Starfire (with Steve White )

  • Vol. 1: Insurrection, 1990
  • Vol. 2: Crusade, 1992
  • Vol. 3: In Death Ground, 1997
  • Vol. 4: The Shiva Option, 2002

Vol. 2 and 3 were published in 2004 as the anthology The Stars at War, Vol. 1 and 4 in 2005 as the anthology The Stars at War II . Further volumes in the series ( Exodus (2006), Extremis (2011) and Imperative (2016)) were published without Weber's involvement.

Stories from Keith Laumers Bolo universe

  • Miles to Go, 1995
  • Bolo !, 2004 (short stories)
    • Miles to Go
    • The traitor
    • A time to kill
    • With your shield
  • Old Soldiers, 2005

Multiverse (with Linda Evans and Joelle Presby)

  • Vol. 1: Hell's Gate, 2006
  • Vol. 2: Hell Hath No Fury, 2007
  • Vol. 3: The Road to Hell, 2016

Safehold (Nimue Alban)

Other novels

  • Path of the Fury, 1992
  • The Apocalypse Troll, 1999
  • Excalibur Alternative, 2002
  • In Fury Born, 2006, the new edition of Path of the Fury was revised and greatly expanded by a prequel
  • Out of the Dark, 2010

Other short stories

  • Sir George and the Dragon , 2001
    • in David Drake (Ed.): Foreign Legions (David Drake's Shared World Anthology)
  • Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington, 2002
    • in Warmasters (anthology of three short stories by David Webers, David Drakes and Eric Flints )
  • In the Navy, 2004
    • in Ring of Fire (anthology of 15 short stories by various authors on Eric Flint's "Assiti Shards" cycle about the fictional American small town Grantville, which is moved to the middle of Thuringia, in the year 1631)
  • Out of the Dark, 2010
    • in Warriors (anthology with short stories by various authors on the topic of "People in War", edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois ; short version of the story, which appears as a solo novel under the same title)

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