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Young fish of the Catlabarbe

Young fish of the Catlabarbe

Order : Carp-like (Cypriniformes)
Subordination : Carp fish-like (Cyprinoidei)
Family : Carp fish (Cyprinidae)
Subfamily : Labeoninae
Genre : Labeo
Type : Catlabarbe
Scientific name
Labeo catla
( Hamilton , 1822)

The Catlabarbe ( Labeo catla , Syn . : Catla catla u. Gibelion catla ) is a large carp fish from South Asia.

distribution and habitat

The Catlabarbe is found in the waters of Pakistan , India , Bangladesh , Nepal and Myanmar . The fish are widespread in rivers, oxbow lakes, canals, flood plains, lakes and man-made ponds.


The Catlabarbe is the only species of the genus Catla . It resembles the habitus of the European gabled crucian carp , is characterized by a large protruding mouth.

The largest Catla bar caught on a fishing rod weighed 38 kilograms and came from Powai Lake in India. A specimen weighing 32 kilograms was caught in the Palm Tree Lagoon in Thailand . The final weight of this fish species is estimated at 110 kilograms by 180 centimeters in length.

Way of life

Catlabarb can be found from fresh water to brackish water , preferably at water temperatures of 18 to 28 ° C. They feed mainly on the water surface or in the mean water omnivorously on insects, phytoplankton and detritus . Cat labbars are not predatory. Sexual maturity is reached around the age of two. The fish then migrate upstream to their spawning areas at the beginning of the rainy season . The spawning season in Bangladesh and India coincides with the monsoon season from May to August. In aquaculture, reproduction is initiated by hormone injections ( hypophysation ).


Catlabarb are popular food fish that are kept in pond farms and offered fresh at local markets. In Bangladesh, they are mostly produced in Kaptai Lake. There they are fed rice or wheat bran , mustard oil cake or other residues from vegetable processing. Because of their sizes, they are popular fishing fish. In Thailand they are fattened to high final weights in many fishing ponds.

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