Christian Friedrich August von Moller

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Christian Friedrich August von Moller (born May 27, 1734 in Berlin ; † September 12, 1802 there ) was a royal Prussian major general and head of an artillery regiment. He also became assessor of the 3rd Department of the Upper War College .

His father was privy councilor and regimental quartermaster of the Artillery Corps . His uncle Karl Friedrich von Moller was also a successful artillery officer.


He joined the artillery on January 14, 1748 as a bombardier . He became Second Lieutenant on August 15, 1750 and Premier Lieutenant on May 13. He skipped over the staff captain and was given a company on December 27, 1761. On May 25, 1772 he became major and in September 1772 commander of the 8th Battalion of the Artillery Corps. On June 25, 1779 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel. On December 11, 1785 he became a colonel. In 1786 the 3rd Artillery Regiment was handed over to him. On June 25, 1787, he became an assessor in the third department of the newly established Oberkriegskollegium. On June 30, 1789, he was appointed major general during the revue of the Artillery Corps. For his work he received a cash gift of 3,000 thalers from King Friedrich Wilhelm II on July 2, 1788.

In 1792 he became chief and inspector general of the entire artillery. After the Valmy cannonade, he went to headquarters. In 1793 he commanded the siege artillery off Mainz and was retired on September 18, 1795. He died in Berlin in 1802.

The Mollergasse in Berlin was named after him.


He is married to Antoinette Schönermark . She was the daughter of the royal privy councilor and director of the Upper Reich Chamber of Johann Ernst Schönermark († May 17, 1781 in Berlin).


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