Christian Friedrich Michaelis (medic, 1727)

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Christian Friedrich Michaelis 1727-1804

Christian Friedrich Michaelis (born May 18, 1727 in Zittau , † August 29, 1804 in Leipzig ) was a German doctor.


Christian Friedrich Michaelis first learned his father's trade and became a bookbinder . From 1751 he studied medicine in Leipzig, Strasbourg and Paris and he completed this study in Leipzig in 1756 with the dissertation "De orificii uteri cura clinica atque forensi" . After the Battle of Roßbach he worked in the hospital set up on the Pleißenburg for wounded French under Christian Andreas Cothenius and Johann Ulrich von Bilguer , was appointed doctor at the St. Thomas School after the Seven Years' War and in 1782 doctor at the Johannis Hospital . His main merit was the translation of over 50 medical documents from English and French.

Works (selection)

Anonymous - Attributed to CF Michaelis

  • Harm and abuse of the enema. A counterpart to Herr Kämpf's personal physician Kämpf's treatise for physicians and the sick with a new method of safely and thoroughly curing the most stubborn diseases of the abdomen, especially the hypochondria, carefully considered by a medical practitioner . Friedrich Gotthold Jacobäer, Leipzig 1789 (digitized version)


  • Additions to the experiments on the digestive business of humans and various species of animals by Messrs Spallanzani and Senebier ... Dykische Buchhandlung, Leipzig 1785 (digitized version )
  • Bryan Janson Bromwich's trained bee keeper ... Christian Gottlieb Hielscher, Leipzig 1785 (digitized version)
  • Wilhelm Withering's treatise on the red thimble and its application in practical medicine, especially in dropsy and some other diseases . JG Müller, Leipzig 1786 (digitized version)
  • Thomas Wither's… Treatise on the narrow-chestedness and healing powers of zinc flowers… Johann Friedrich Junius, Leipzig 1787 (digitized version)
  • Robert). Hamilton's ... remarks about the means against the bite of great dogs ... Joh. Phil. Haugs widow, Leipzig 1787 (digitized)
  • William Dease's… remarks on the art of delivery in lengthy and difficult births… Johann David Schöps, Zitta and Leipzig 1788 (digitized version)
  • Jacob Makkitrik Adair's… physiological and dietary writings. Johann David Schöps, Zittau and Leipzig, Part I (1788) (digitized version) Part II (1791), (digitized version)
  • William Nisbet's… Treatise on the Pleasure of Pleasure. Caspar Fritsch, Leipzig 1789 (digitized version)
  • (William Turnbull). Origin and age of the lust epidemic and its introduction and spread on the islands of the South Seas, along with a brief overview of the oldest and newest types of healing for this disease . Johann David Schöps, Zittau and Leipzig 1789 (digitized version)
  • (Murray Forbes). Treatise on stone and gout ... Johann David Schöps, Zittau and Leipzig 1789 (digitized version)
  • William Perfect's… exquisite cases of different types of madness together with their healing methods… Christian Gottlob Hilscher, Leipzig 1789 (digitized version)
  • William Rowley's… Treatise on the malignant sore throat or putrid tan … Johann Friedrich Korn, Breslau 1789 (digitized version)
  • Johann Anderson's… Healing remarks on the natural, voluntary and art-induced emptying in the human body . Johann Friedrich Korn, Breslau 1789 (digitized version)
  • Dietetics excellent for students from Father Feijoo ... in addition to the health rules drawn from many years of experience Dr. John Fothergill’s and his dietary remarks on idiopathic fixed headache . Johann David Schöps, Zittau and Leipzig 1790 (digitized version)
  • William Rowley's… practical treatise on female diseases, nervous accidents, the hysterical and hypochondriacal evil, the stroke flow and the paralysis, the madness and suicide… Johann Friedrich Korn, Breslau 1790 (digitalisat)
  • D. Silvester Mahon's Doctor for the Fair Sex. Johann Friedrich Junius, Leipzig 1790 (digitized version)
  • John Howard's ... practical remarks about the lust plague. Johann Friedrich Junius, Leipzig Part I (1790) (digitized version) Part II (1789) (digitized version)
  • Karl Kite… on the restoration of apparently dead people and the preservation of children taken alive from deceased mothers . JG Büschel's widow, Leipzig 1790 (digitized version)
  • Dr. Edmund Goodwyn's empirical study of the effects of drowning, strangling and suffocation from harmful air types, along with the most effective means to restore apparent death . JG Büschel's widow, Leipzig 1790 (digitized version)
  • ( Robert Couper ). Considerations on impregnation and on various systems of generation . Johann David Schöps, Zitta and Leipzig 1791 (digitized version)
  • Georg Fordyce’s … new investigations into the digestive business of food . Johann David Schöps, Zitta and Leipzig 1793 (digitized)
  • Carl Wilhelm Quin's ... treatise on cerebral dropsy ... with comments on the use and effects of the red thimble in various types of dropsy . Caspar Fritsch, Leipzig 1792 (digitized version)
  • William Osborn's… Attempts on obstetrics in natural and difficult births… David Siegert, Liegnitz 1794 (digitized version)
  • Joseph Townsend ’s Instruction for Trainees in Medical Practice based on Cullen's Nosology. Friedrich Gotthelf Baumgärtner, Leipzig Part I (1796) (digitized)
  • Benjamin Rush 's… new medical examinations and observations . Raspe, Nuremberg 1797 (digitized version)
  • George Fordyce's ... practical treatises on fever . Johann David Schöps, Leipzig Part I (1797) (digitized) , Part II (1799) (digitized)
  • D. George Fordyces ... Foundations of Theoretical and Practical Medicine. Wilhelm Gottlieb Korn, Breslau 1797 (digitized version)
  • William Cruikschank’s treatise on imperceptible exhalation and its relationship with breathing. Reinicke and Hinrichs, Leipzig 1798 (digitized version)
  • James Currie ... on the effects of cold and warm water as a remedy ... CG Weigel, Leipzig Part I (1801) (digitized version) , Part II (1807) (digitized version)


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