Christian Heinrich Plaß

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Christian Heinrich Plaß (born July 29, 1812 in Verden , † June 6, 1878 in Stade ) was a German educator and politician.


Plaß, the son of a businessman, studied Protestant theology and philology in Halle , Jena and Göttingen from 1829 and became a member of the Corps Marchia Halle and Franconia Jena during this time . In 1833 he took up a position as a private school teacher in Wandsbeck. In 1835 he became a collaborator , in 1846 vice rector at the grammar school in Stade, in 1851 director of the grammar school as well as the secondary, community, pre- and middle school that was later connected. In 1851 Plaß was a member of the board of the Association for the History and Antiquities of the Duchies of Bremen and Verden. He was also involved as a member of the Evangelical Church Council in Stade and was a member of the district synod from 1863.

From May 18, 1848 to May 30, 1849 he was a member of the Frankfurt National Assembly ( Württemberger Hof , March Association). Plaß elected Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Emperor of the Germans and was a member of the committee for church and school affairs. In June 1849 he was a participant in the Gotha assembly .


  • Critical remarks on the causes and course of the Archidamian War (Stade 1859)


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