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Christian Schneider (* 1951 in Hanover ) is a cultural scientist, social psychologist and executive coach in Frankfurt am Main , who conducts research in the field of tension between sociology , social psychology and psychoanalysis .


After studying philosophy , sociology, psychology and political science as well as receiving his doctorate under Oskar Negt , he pursued art studies in Italy for two years . He then worked at the Leibniz Research Library in Hanover and then became a lecturer at the University's Psychological Institute there. In 1989 he moved to the Sigmund Freud Institute in Frankfurt, where he received further psychoanalytical training as part of the “Research Analyst” curriculum he initiated (state recognition as a psychotherapist in 1993). He carried out research projects on the generation history of National Socialism , critical theory and dissident biographies in the Federal Republic and the former GDR . Schneider is considered to be the founder of the discipline “psychoanalytic generation history”. He completed his habilitation in 1997. Schneider teaches as a private lecturer at the University of Kassel . Since 2001 he has had a practice for psychoanalytic coaching. In 2009, his film Herrenkinder was premiered at the Hof Film Festival.


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