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Christopher Andersen Hornsrud

Christopher Andersen Hornsrud (born November 15, 1859 in Øvre Eiker , † December 12, 1960 in Oslo ) was a Norwegian politician of the Social Democratic Labor Party (Arbeiderpartiet) . He was its chairman from 1903 to 1906 and Prime Minister of Norway in 1928.


Hornsrud was a forest worker and farmer. From 1892 he ran a farm in Modum . He was politically active as early as the 1880s, but initially in the liberal Venstre party . He later became chairman of the Buskerud Workers' Association . This association later joined the workers' party.

From 1902 to 1909 he was a city councilor in Oslo . In 1903 he was elected chairman of the Labor Party, but he could not be re-elected in 1906 and stayed away from party meetings until 1927. His choice was controversial at the time because, unlike his competitors, he was in favor of a stronger cooperation with the Venstre.

In 1912 he was elected to the Norwegian parliament in Storting for the first time , where he represented Buskerud until 1936. In 1921 he became parliamentary group leader of the Labor Party. Between 1928 and 1933 he was also Vice President of Parliament. He dealt a lot in the field of politics around agriculture and economy. He also advocated that his party should take over government responsibility.

After the 1927 elections he created the first government with the participation of the Arbeiderpartiet and he became Prime Minister on January 28, 1928 . At the same time he became finance minister . The government lasted only three weeks until February 15, 1928.

He was also politically active after the Second World War . Hornsrud criticized the formation of alliances because he was skeptical of both great powers in the Cold War . On his 100th birthday, in 1959, he gave an interview in the newspaper Orientering , which he co-founded , in which he said that although the welfare state had been expanded, it was not socialist.

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