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The State Minister ( German Prime Minister) is the head of government of Norway . He is supported in his tasks by the Statsministerenskontor (SMK).

According to its constitution of 1814, Norway is a constitutional hereditary monarchy. Formally, the executive rests with the king, who appoints the prime minister, entrusts the formation of a government and appoints the ministers proposed by him.

Development of the title

Originally the office carried the unofficial title of "First Minister" ( norw. Førstestatsråd ). What is called "minister" in many countries was called statsråd ("Council of State") or department chief ("Head of Department XY") in Norway . In 1873 the title of Minister of State was introduced. In German, the translation “Ministerpräsident”, rarely also “Prime Minister”, is used. The title minister-president , borrowed from German, has a negative connotation in Norway, as it was used by Vidkun Quisling , who was appointed by the National Socialists .

Constitutional position

The Prime Minister's rights and duties are not expressly set out in the Constitution. Only his signature is explicitly required for cabinet decisions. In addition, the Norwegian Prime Minister has an extra vote when the King is not present on the State Council. The head of government is formally not hierarchically superior to the other ministers. However, he has a right to information that extends to all ministries.

Lists of public officials

Governor of Norway during the Danish-Norwegian personal union

Reich Governor or Prime Minister from 1814 to 1884

Prime Minister since the introduction of parliamentarism

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