Cladonia portentosa

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Cladonia portentosa
Common reindeer lichen (Cladonia portentosa)

Common reindeer lichen ( Cladonia portentosa )

Class : Lecanoromycetes
Subclass : Lecanoromycetidae
Order : Lecanorales
Family : Cladoniaceae
Genre : Cladonia
Type : Cladonia portentosa
Scientific name
Cladonia portentosa
( Dufour ) Coem.

Cladonia portentosa is a richly branched shrub lichen . It marks light-rich locations on acidic, poor soils. The lichen is also known as the reindeer lichen .


The ebony reindeer lichen grows like a bush on the ground. It is characterized by a relatively regular, all-round branching. This distinguishes it from the similar real reindeer lichen ( Cladonia rangiferina ) or Cladonia arbuscula , whose branch ends are inclined in one direction. The hollow stems ( podiums ) grow upright and are of a white-greenish or greyish color in the shade or yellowish in sunny locations. They are often tanned at the top. They don't have any leaflets or scales. The surface looks felty. Fruit bodies ( apothecia ) are seldom developed.

Distribution and location

The species is distributed atlantic-subatlantic in the deciduous deciduous forest zone. There it grows on barren, acidic soils and rocky subsoil in dwarf shrub heaths , dry sandy lawns and light forests ( pine forests or lean oak and beech forests ) from the lowlands to the subalpine altitude .


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