Claude Deschamps

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Claude Deschamps with the necklace of a commander of the Legion of Honor

Claude Deschamps (* 1765 in Vertus ; † 1843 in Bordeaux ) was a French engineer . He played a leading role in the construction of the Pont de Pierre (Bordeaux) , the warehouse for colonial goods in Bordeaux and the Canal des Ardennes .

Deschamps graduated from the École des Ponts et Chaussées in 1782 and rose step by step in the French state building administration. In 1803 he became chief engineer in Mont-Cenis and in 1810 department head in Bordeaux .

In connection with Napoleon's Spanish War 1808–1813, he was involved in the development of two strategic road connections towards the Iberian Peninsula (one via Bayonne , the other via Vallée d'Aspe ).

The Pont de pierre of Bordeaux.

Deschamps made particular contributions to the technically difficult construction of the Pont de Pierre .

Claude Deschamps also designed, together with his son-in-law Billaudel, the Entrepôt des Denrées coloniales (colonial warehouse) in Bordeaux, today the Center d'arts plastiques contemporains de Bordeaux .



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