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Clearstream International SA

legal form Société anonyme
founding 2000
Seat Luxembourg
Number of employees 1,767
sales 727.3 million euros
Branch Financial services
As of December 31, 2018

Clearstream International SA is a settlement and custody company based in Luxembourg that emerged in 2000 from the merger of Deutsche Börse Clearing AG (formerly Deutscher Kassenverein AG ) and Cedel International . Clearstream also acts as a central securities depository for the international capital markets and for German and Luxembourg domestic securities . The company is wholly owned by Deutsche Börse AG .

Company profile

The core business is the service as a central securities depository, i.e. the settlement and custody of securities. The value of the securities held by Clearstream averaged around EUR 11.303 trillion in 2018. This makes Clearstream one of the largest global providers of securities services. In Germany , most of the securities are technically managed by Clearstream. Clearstream also offers value-added services such as global securities financing and mutual fund services. The electronic storage of securities information plays a special role.

Clearstream's settlement volume in 2018 was 48.4 million transactions.


Share over 1000 Taler of the bank of the Berliner Kassenverein from October 1, 1850

The roots of collective safe custody in Germany go back to the year 1882, when the Bank des Berliner Kassenverein AG in Berlin began to exercise the function of a central securities depository bank . This was followed in 1887 by the Liquidationskasse in Hamburg , the Kassenverein AG in Cologne (1923) and the Rheinisch-Westfälische Kassenverein AG in 1924 in Essen.

In 1942, the Reichsbank took over all of the eleven German cash registers that had existed up to then, including their securities collection and processing business.

In 1949, with the exception of the Bremen stock exchange, new securities collection banks (cash registers) were (re) established in the form of stock corporations on every German stock exchange :

  • June 29, 1949: Norddeutsche Kassenverein AG in Hamburg

In 1970, the German Foreign Treasury Association was founded, the shareholders of which were the regional German treasury associations. On December 29, 1989, the seven German Kassenvereine merge to form the Deutsche Kassenverein AG . In October 1997 the Deutscher Kassenverein AG was renamed Deutsche Börse Clearing AG .

As a result of the merger of Deutsche Börse Clearing AG with the settlement organization Cedel International , Clearstream International SA was created at the beginning of 2000 with its headquarters in Luxembourg, all of whose shares are held by Deutsche Börse AG .



In 2001 with the publication of the book "Révélation $" by Denis Robert and ex-Clearstream employee Ernest Backes, Clearstream was accused of being an international platform for money laundering and tax evasion through an illegal system of secret accounts. The Luxembourg judiciary carried out an investigation and found that there was no substance to such charges. After ten years of trials by Clearstream and other banks against them, the authors were finally acquitted by the French Court of Appeal (Cour de Cassation).


In spring 2004 the "second Clearstream Affair" took place, which attracted more attention. The judge Renaud van Ruymbeke anonymously received lists that dealt with the France-Taiwan frigate scandal and that allegedly showed that several French politicians had secret accounts with Clearstream, including Nicolas Sarkozy , through which illegal payments had been processed. During the investigation, the judge found that the lists were forged. In 2006, the politicians concerned filed a lawsuit and an investigation was opened, which has caused a great stir in French politics. Three people were convicted in January 2010, Jean-Louis Gergorin, Imad Lahoud and Florian Bourges. Journalist Denis Robert was acquitted on the grounds of freedom of expression.

Litigation over Iranian funds

Clearstream is involved in the US litigation 2 billion dollars on an account with Citigroup that stated by the US Treasury ( US Treasury should come) from Iran. The US District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled in June 2008 that this balance should be frozen. The reason for this is a lawsuit brought by US marines who were killed or injured in a terrorist attack on barracks in Beirut in 1983 .

Cum ex entanglement

The ARD -Tagesschau reported on 27 August 2019 from state counsel arranged searches of business premises Clearstream in Eschborn purpose Means of Detection . The public prosecutor's office in Cologne arranged for them because of sufficient evidence that the company was involved in illegal cum-ex transactions. The press spokesman for Deutsche Börse said that the company would "as in the past cooperate fully with the authorities".


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