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Clint Miller's Bertha Lou on ABC Paramount
Clint Miller's Bertha Lou on ABC Paramount
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Bertha Lou
  US 79 January 18, 1958 (7 weeks)

Isaac Clinton "Clint" Miller (born May 24, 1939 in Ferguson , North Carolina ) is an American politician , lawyer and rockabilly musician.

Live and act

Miller grew up with six siblings in simple circumstances. He began to sing with friends during his school days in Woodstock , Virginia , and was influenced by country greats like Eddy Arnold and Carl Smith . In Washington, DC he was able to show his singing skills on local television.

In the fall of 1957 he signed a contract with ABC-Paramount , who had tried in vain to acquire the master tapes of the rockabilly song Bertha Lou , which had just been recorded by Johnny Faire , from its producer Kenny Babcock of Surf Records . ABC's A & R Manager Don Costa , therefore, decided with Miller as a singer the title in New York Bell Sound Recording Studio einzuspielen, which came on the market together with the original beginning of December 1957, due to a clever promotion, among other things Dick Clark show American Bandstand with a 79th place on the Billboard charts became significantly more successful. The B-side of the 1954 Carl Smith hit Doggone It Baby, I'm in Love was covered. Clint continued to appear regularly on television and was part of the program of the Town and Country Jamborees in Washington, a regular country dance event.

In June 1958, a second recording session resulted in material for two singles, including the dance-ready, slightly more poppy Teenage Dance and Polka Dotted Poliwampus, a novelty answer song on Sheb Wooley's Purple People Eater . After a single for Big Top Records , Miller went to the New York label Headline Records , where he released four more singles between 1959 and 1961. 1962 followed two records for Lenox Records .

During his time as a musician, Miller advanced his college education. In 1961 he attended the Stella Adler Studio of Acting , and in 1962 he graduated from American University with a degree in public administration. In 1965 he passed a law exam in Lexington on which he built his further career. In 1972 he was for the Republican Party in the Virginia House of Delegates voted to which he belonged until the 1993rd That year he ran unsuccessfully for his party's nomination for the gubernatorial election , which instead went to George Allen . He served as a judge on the Virginia State Corporation Commission until he retired in 2006 .

He only played music on the side during his political career. In 1976 he recorded a single and only in 1993 did he put three songs together on one CD.


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