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Former Virginia House of Representatives Boardroom in the State Capitol

The Virginia House of Delegates ( Virginia House of Delegates ), the lower house of the Virginia General Assembly , the legislature of the US state of Virginia . There are only three states ( Maryland , Virginia, and West Virginia ) that call their lower houses House of Delegates .

The parliamentary chamber consists of 100 members, each representing an electoral district. The MPs are each elected for two-year terms. Unlike most states, these elections take place during the odd years. The speaker is the chairman of the House of Representatives . He is first elected by the majority parliamentary group in the chamber before confirmation by the entire parliament follows. The speaker is also responsible for the legislative process and oversees the assignments to the various committees. The House of Delegates is now the successor to the House of Burgesses , which first met in Jamestown in 1619 . In addition to the speaker, there is the majority leader , the majority caucus chair , the opposition leader , the minority caucus chair , and the chairs who come from the various committees of the chamber. Through the House of Burgesses, the Virginia House of Delegates is considered to be the oldest contiguous legislative chamber in the New World .

Parliament has met at the Virginia State Capitol in the capital, Richmond , since 1788 . This was designed by Thomas Jefferson . In recent years, the members of the General Assembly and its staff have gathered in the General Assembly Building , located in Capitol Square .

Salary and requirements for the Chamber of Deputies

The annual salary of the delegates is $ 17,640. Each delegate represents an average of 71,000 residents. In addition, each candidate must have reached the age of 21 before being elected to the House of Representatives and must be a resident of the district they wish to represent. But he must also be entitled to vote for the General Assembly Legislature. A regular session of the General Assembly lasts 60 days in an even year and 30 days in an odd year, unless it is extended by a two-thirds majority.


Affiliation MPs
Republican Party 59 61
Independent 2
Democratic Party 39

Important members

position Surname Political party
Speaker William J. Howell republican
Majority leader ( Majority Leader ) Kirk Cox republican
Opposition Leader ( Minority Leader ) Ward Armstrong democrat

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