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Mississippi State Capitol

The Mississippi House of Representatives ( Mississippi House of Representatives ) is the lower house of the Mississippi Legislature , the Legislature of the State of Mississippi . The House of Representatives boardroom, along with the State Senate, is located in the Mississippi State Capitol in the capital Jackson .

An electoral term lasts four years. According to the Mississippi Constitution of 1890, the House of Representatives is composed of no more than 122 MPs, each representing an electoral district. The MPs are each elected for four-year terms. As a MP, you must meet certain criteria, (a) first, you must be at least 21 years old, (b) second, you must have lived in Mississippi for the past four years, and (c) third, you must have lived in your electoral district for the past two years . The current state law provides for the maximum number of representatives. Furthermore, the constitution also provides that the legislature should meet all four on 125 days, whereas in the other years it should only happen on 90 days.


Political party MPs
Democratic Party 69
Republican Party 53
total 122

Important members

position Surname Political party
Speaker William J. McCoy democrat
Speaker per tempore JP Compretta democrat
Majority Leader Tyrone Ellis democrat
Opposition leader / minority leader Mark Baker republican

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