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Clyde Bryan Emrich (born April 6, 1931 in Chicago ) is a retired American weightlifter .


Emrich grew up in Pittsburgh as the son of a father of German origin and a French-Canadian mother. As a child, he played baseball and football with the neighborhood boys , wrestled on the school team, and began practicing bodybuilding and weightlifting with homemade dumbbells . At the age of 15, he seriously devoted himself to weightlifting. He took his first instructions for this from the weight training magazine "Strength & Health". He later worked according to plans by Norbert Schemansky and trained in a YMCA club in Chicago. In 1952 he qualified for the Olympic Games in Helsinki. There he was eighth in the Olympic three-way battle with 397.5 kg. In 1953 he spent his military service with Thomas Kono in Germany and showed at several starts a. a. in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen am Rhein . However, in contrast to the prominent Olympic champion Kono, he could not take part in the US championships and world championships in 1953. In 1954 and 1955 he won medals at the world championships. In 1957 he set a world record in pushing with both arms. At 409 lbs. (185 kg) he exceeded the magic limit for American weightlifters of 400 lbs. In the following years he was often injured or he did not get vacation, so that he did not get any further starts at the Olympic Games or World Championships, although he still performed well year after year until 1966. After completing his active career, he devoted himself to youth coaching in YMCA clubs for 24 years, but trained a.o. a. also the players of the Chicago Bears football team .

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Championships, Ls = light heavyweight, Ms = middle heavyweight)

  • 1952, 8th place , OS in Helsinki , Ls, with 397.5 kg, winner: Trofim Lomakin , USSR , 417.5, ahead of Stanley Stanczyk , USA , 415 kg;
  • 1954, 3rd place , World Championships in Vienna , Ms, with 427.5 kg, behind Arkady Vorobyov , USSR, 460 kg and Dave Sheppard , USA, 440 kg;
  • 1955, 2nd place , World Championships in Munich , Ms, with 427.5 kg, behind Vorobjow, 455 kg and in front of Hassan Rhanavardi, Iran , 425 kg;
  • 1959, 1st place , PanAm Games in Chicago, Ms, at 427.5 kg, ahead of La Guerre, Haiti and Williams, Guiana

National successes

(no designation = USA championship)

  • 1951, 2nd place, Ls, with 382.5 kg, behind Stanczyk, 402.5 kg,
  • 1952, 1st place, Ls, with 392.5 kg, in front of Dave Sheppard , 390 kg,
  • 1954, 2nd place, Ms, with 415 kg, behind Sheppard, 442.5 kg,
  • 1955, 2nd place, Ms, with 427.5 kg, behind Sheppard, 437.5 kg,
  • 1956, 1st place, Ms, with 432.5 kg, ahead of Stanczyk, 432.5 kg,
  • 1956, 2nd place, Olympic Trials, Ms, with 440 kg, behind Sheppard, 455 kg,
  • 1957, 1st place, Ms, with 412.5 kg, in front of Ash, 405 kg,
  • 1959, 1st place, with 427.5 kg, in front of Joe Pulskamp, ​​425 kg and Ash, 407.5 kg,
  • 1961, 1st place, Central America AAU-Meistersch., Ms, with 455 kg,
  • 1963, 1st place, Central America AAU-Meistersch., Ms, with 455 kg,
  • 1963, 3rd place, with 422.5 kg, behind Bill March , 452.5 kg and Ken Rose, 432.5 kg,
  • 1964, 2nd place, Ms, with 445 kg, behind March, 455 kg and in front of John Gourgott, 442.5 kg,
  • 1965, 1st place, Central America AAU-Meistersch., Ms, with 437.5 kg,
  • 1966, 1st place, Central America AAU-Meistersch., Ms, with 435 kg

World records

in two-armed thrusting:

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