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First edition from June 1, 1857, then under the title Advertentieblad voor verkoopingen van roerende en onroerende goederen.

Cobouw is a Dutch national daily newspaper . The newspaper appears Monday through Saturday in tabloid format. The editorial office is in The Hague . The newspaper is published by Sdu . The circulation sold in the first quarter of 2008 was 11,720 copies. The editor-in-chief is Marcel Henst.

The newspaper is a trade journal for the construction industry . The purchase is only possible through a subscription, there is no individual sale.


The newspaper first appeared on June 1, 1857 under the title Advertentieblad voor verkoopingen van roerende en onroerende goederen . It started as a Monday weekly newspaper and, true to its title, was initially designed by the founding publisher TCB Ten Hagen as a pure advertising paper. After the first letter to the editor was printed at the end of April 1877, the newspaper, which was renamed Algemeen Nederlandsch Advertentieblad that year, also made editorial contributions from 1883. The name was later changed to Cobouw , an abbreviation for "Centraal Orgaan voor de bouwnijverheid" (Central organ for the building industry). On October 2, 1961, Cobouw switched to a daily publication and on November 1, 2007 to the tabloid format.

Cobouw today

Cobouw employs around 35 editors. The three editors supervised Internet edition includes a RSS - web feed . The Cobouw Totaal supplement appears every two weeks and is designed as a market overview for decision-makers.

With Materieelkrant there is a sister newspaper with a monthly (eleven times a year) publication that deals with building materials and machines , demolition and recycling .

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