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The Agrarisch Dagblad is a Dutch national daily newspaper . The newspaper is published Tuesday through Saturday in tabloid format . The editorial office is in Doetinchem . The newspaper is published by " Reed Business ". The paid circulation in the first quarter of 2008 was 9,929 copies. The editor-in-chief is Roel Leferink.

The newspaper is a trade journal for agriculture and horticulture, so the target group consists mainly of farmers and gardeners, plus politicians and the education sector. The purchase is only possible through a subscription, there is no individual sale.


The first edition of the Agrarisch Dagblad appeared in September 1986. The publisher was originally the publisher "Wolters Kluver", and in March 1990 the newspaper was sold to the publisher "Misset" (today "Reed Business").

In September 2003, the broadsheet was switched to the tabloid format.

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  • Jan van de Plasse: Kroniek van de Nederlandse dagblad- en opiniepers. Otto Cramwinckel Uitgever, Amsterdam 2005, ISBN 90-75727-77-1 .

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