Cramp Twins

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Television series
German title The Cramp Twins
Original title The Cramp Twins
Country of production United States , United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 2001-2004
length 22 minutes
Episodes 52 in 4 seasons
idea Brian Wood
First broadcast 2001 on Cartoon Network
first broadcast
December 14, 2001 on Ki.Ka

The Cramp Twins is an American - British animated series invented by Brian Wood . It was produced in collaboration with Cartoon Network Europe and is about the twins Julien and Wayne Cramp, who are not in the least similar. They have a mother who is addicted to cleaning and a father who is interested in westerns .

main characters

  • Wayne Archibald Cramp is the bad guy of the two brothers. He likes to annoy his brother Julien and collect scrap. He is annoyed by Wendy Winkle, who is in love with him. Wayne has a macabre sense of humor and is fascinated by "dead things", going so far that he builds a pyramid in episode 26 "The worm burial" and mummifies some of Julien's plush toys. Wayne is portrayed in the series as a very impulsive, disrespectful and aggressive boy, the only person he really has respect for is Dirty Joe, with whom he shares a lot of passions (e.g. for trash or junk).
  • Julien Cramp (in English Lucien ) is the friendly, animal-loving twin. Life is not easy for him. His favorite place is the swamp, where he hangs out with his friend Tony. As you can see in the intro to the series, he was born before Wayne. Julien largely corresponds to the typical nerd cliché, in addition he is often referred to in the English version by Wayne as "nature-nerd" or "animal geek ". Often Julien's well-intentioned acts end up with ultimately being punished.
  • Dorothy Cramp is the cleaning addict mother of the Cramp family. At the same time she is the head of the family. She has developed a cleaning agent that can make laundry absolutely white, but bleaches other items of clothing.
  • Horace Cramp works in a soap factory. He's acting pretty childish for the most part. He loves the wild west most. His first name Horace is only mentioned in the episode "The Swamp Phantom". Horace is more liberal and less strict than his wife Dorothy, and he is also more understanding of the interests of his children.
  • Tony Parsons is a short swamp person. His best friend is Julien and he has a lot of brothers and sisters. Tony is a peace-loving boy who is never embarrassed by a prank and often tries to prevent Julien from doing rash things with his admonitions.
  • Wendy Winkle is the spoiled daughter of the wealthy Winkle family. She often shows a mean side and is in love with Wayne Cramp.
  • Mari is a friend of Julien's. She often cooperates with Julien on environmental activities. She is a foster child and lives with a happiness-obsessed, brown-haired family with strange customs. So in her family she is practically a black sheep .

Other characters

  • Dirty Joe is an old man who lives in a trailer in a junkyard. Wayne is one of his friends and often borrows useful junk from him, mostly to terrorize Julien. You don't see his face in any episode. The series repeatedly suggests that Dirty Joe is very unkempt, he even claims that he never washed in his entire life. When he moves in "Joe moves in" in episode 39 of the Cramps, he takes a shower for the first time in his life.
  • Walter Winkle is the managing director of the Haskem soap factory. He is probably the richest citizen of the city lives in a villa and in several episodes you can see that he too is a swamp person. Like Horace Cramp, Winkle is also enthusiastic about the wild west.
  • Hillary Hissy is a teacher and teaches Julien, Wayne, Wendy and Mari. In one episode, you also learn that she is friends with Dirty Joe. She is portrayed in the series as being extremely overweight. In episode 37 "Louse in the House" you can see her legs for the first time, which look very monstrous and frighten Julien when he sees her.
  • Seth Parson is Tony's father and swamp man. He is 62 years old, can do magic and used to be a clown. Just like his son Tony, Seth has a very special relationship with nature and knows almost everything about the swamp and the beings that inhabit it. When Seth was a child, he looked the same as Tony and had the same stature.
  • Lillian "Lily" Parsons is Seth's wife and 33 years old. Julien was in love with her once.
  • Mr. Pretty is the all-too-upbeat school principal whose methods annoy the cramps.
  • Grandmother Cramp is the mother of Dorothy Cramp and owns a piano. She has a lot to complain about and is afraid of wolves.
  • Rodeo Rita is an idol of Horace Cramp, a singer and allegedly brave "bull rider", best known for her country songs and her portrayal as a fearless cowgirl. In the series, she only appears twice in real life, mostly on television, on the radio or on posters. In the 25th episode of the first season, "Rodeo Rita", it emerges that Rodeo Rita has never ridden a real bull (most of the ones she has ridden were mechanical) and that it was just made up for her popularity to increase.


As of 2001, the series was broadcast with 52 episodes in four seasons in the United States by Cartoon Network . The Cramp Twins was released on five DVDs in the UK and two in the US. The series has been translated into over 20 languages, including Russian, Spanish and French.

The German version of the first season with 26 episodes was first broadcast by Ki.Ka from December 14, 2001 to January 28, 2002 . Season 2 ran on German television for the first time on the premiere channel Fox Kids , now Jetix . The show is now running on its parent station Cartoon Network , once a week with 2 episodes broadcast in a row. Further broadcasts followed on Super RTL . Three DVDs were released in German.


role English speaker German speaker
Julien Kath Soucie Dirk Meyer
Wayne Tom Kenny Claus Brockmeyer
Mrs. Cramp Nicole Oliver Marion Hartmann
Mr. Cramp Ian James Corlett Ulrich Frank
Mari Tabitha St. Germain Andrea Imme
Wendy Jayne Paterson Shandra Schadt
Tony Terry classes Kai Taschner
Mr. Winkle Michael Rüth

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