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The Dadaist Manifesto was read out by Richard Huelsenbeck at the first soirée of the “Club Dada” on April 12, 1918 and distributed as a leaflet. It was confiscated after it appeared. The manifesto contains the most important goals and intentions of the Berlin and Zurich supporters of the Dada art movement . It is considered "the real accent for Dada in Berlin."


The manifesto was originally titled Dadaism in Life and Art . In addition to Huelsenbeck, it was also signed by Tristan Tzara , Franz Jung , George Grosz , Marcel Janco , Raoul Hausmann , Hugo Ball and Pierre Albert-Birot . In the manifesto, the supporters profess against Expressionism and its socially distant world of images. They demand an unwavering engagement with the “brutal reality” and the “simultaneous tangle of noises, colors and spiritual rhythms”. They want to conquer a “new reality of rights”. Everyone is welcome at Dada and can speak. Dada is an anti-art movement, so be the one Dada who is against the manifesto.

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The first printing took place in the Dada Almanach , edited by Richard Huelsenbeck, Berlin: Erich Reiss Verlag 1920, pp. 36–41. A footnote reads: “First Dada Manifesto in German; written by Richard Huelsenbeck, presented at the great Berlin Dada soirée in April 1918 ”.


Tristan Tzara , Franz Jung , George Grosz , Marcel Janco , Richard Huelsenbeck , Gerhard Preiß , Raoul Hausmann , Walter Mehring , O. Lüthy , Friedrich Glauser , Hugo Ball , Pierre Albert-Birot , Maria d'Arezzo , Gino Cantarelli , Prampolini (Enrico Prampolini), R. van Rees (Otto van Rees), Madame van Rees (Adriana van Rees-Dutilh), Hans Arp , G. Thäuber (Sophie Taeuber), Andrée Morosini , François Mombello-Pasquati.

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