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Dapedium sp.  from the Posidonia slate at Holzmaden.

Dapedium sp. from the Posidonia slate at Holzmaden .

Temporal occurrence
Upper Triassic to Lower Jura
215 to 164.7 million years
Neuflosser (Neopterygii)
Bone organoids (holostei)
Scientific name
Leach , 1822

Dapedium is a genus of extinct bony fish from the subclass of the Neuflosser (Neopterygii).

William Elford Leach published the first description of the genus in 1822 with the type species D. politum from the early Lower Jurassic (lower Lias) by Lyme Regis ( Jurassic Coast ). In 1983 Tintori described the species D. raetium from the Upper Triassic of Lombardy .


The body is strongly flattened and stocky at the sides, the skin covered with thick, rhombic ganoid scales. Depending on the species, the animal can reach a length of 10 to 40 cm. The skull is armored with bumpy plates of bone, especially many-limbed in the orbital region . The pectoral and ventral fins are small, the dorsal and anal fins are long.

Habitat and way of life

Dapedium lived in the European Jurassic Sea , a shelf and marginal sea of ​​the Tethys . The conical dentition suggests that dapedium is similar to the recent sea ​​bream (Sparidae) , which has a similar body shape, from wired invertebrates , e.g. B. mussels or sea urchins, fed.


Dapedium is the best-researched species of the Dapedidae family, originally assigned to the Semionotiformes . Recently the family has been classified in its own order (Dapediiformes) at the base of the bone organoids (Holostei).


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Individual evidence

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