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Daryl Palumbo (2014)

Daryl Palumbo (born February 10, 1979 in Long Island , NY ) is among many other projects the singer of the bands Glassjaw and Head Automatica .

Palumbo suffers from the chronic intestinal disease Crohn's disease , which is why he had to cancel several concerts or even entire tours. In many of the lyrics of his earliest songs, he processes his experiences and life with the disease.

As a teenager, Palumbo was a member of the straight edge band XbustedX . Palumbo himself was straight edge for 12 years, which is why he got a XXX tattoo on the inside of his lower lip , which is considered a symbol of the scene. In the meantime, however, he no longer represents this strict lifestyle, which initially met with incomprehension among many fans and triggered criticism.

Around 1993 Palumbo founded the post-hardcore band Glassjaw together with Justin Beck (guitar) . Her first album Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence was produced by Ross Robinson ( Korn , Limp Bizkit ) and was released in 1999 on Roadrunner Records . Due to several differences, the band then separated from the label and switched to Warner Music . There they published their second work Worship And Tribute in 2001 . In 2005 the EP El Mark was released , after that - apart from the usual news about a constant line-up change - the band was quiet. It wasn't until 2006 that Glassjaw got together again with the Deftones with an almost completely different line-up for some shows in the USA . For July 7, 2007, Glassjaw announced a concert at the Brixton Academy in London , which was the first of a smaller series of concerts. A new album has been under discussion since 2007 and now seems to be taking shape. According to Justin Beck, some songs have already been completed, but most of them are still missing Palumbo's vocals. The song You Think You're John Fucking Lennon can be heard on the band's official website at the moment, which suddenly starts after a two-minute drum intro.

The dance pop rock band Head Automatica was founded in 2004 by Palumbo and Dan “The Automator” Nakamura ( Gorillaz ). In the same year the debut Decadence was published, in 2006 the successor Popaganda appeared , which was created without Nakamura. What was initially considered a project has now developed into a real band with permanent members, which for Palumbo even seems to be a priority over Glassjaw at times. A new album is in the works.

In 2006, Palumbo and Sean Martin ( Hatebreed ) announced the electrical project House Of Blow . So far you can hear the songs Afghani Black and Banger / Ice Bait on their MySpace page .

Furthermore, Palumbo is active in the grindcore band United Nations , u. a. next to Thursday singer Geoff Rickly . The self-titled album was released in September 2008, but due to the cover artwork (in the style of the Beatles' Abbey Road , but the characters are on fire) the distribution of the CD was largely refused. There also seem to be problems with the United Nations. Shortly after the international organization found out about their musical namesakes, both the band's Facebook and Myspace pages were deleted. United Nations allegedly recorded additional material during the recording of the first album, but this will only be released at a later date.

Palumbo is also part of the SPORTS DJ set , where he stands next to Nick Hook and Glue on the turntables.

In addition, Palumbo is a founding member of the music label Cardboard City , which, in addition to many of its own projects (e.g. Head Automatica, House Of Blow, SPORTS), includes a wide variety of bands and artists from the fields of rock, electro and hip-hop.

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