Dave Brubeck Quartet

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Dave Brubeck Quartet
Dave Brubeck Quartet in the Kongresshalle Frankfurt / Main (1967)
Dave Brubeck Quartet in the Kongresshalle Frankfurt / Main (1967)
General information
Genre (s) jazz
founding 1951
resolution 1967
Founding members
Dave Brubeck
Paul Desmond
Joe Dodge (until 1956)
Joe Morello (from 1956)
Bob Bates (until 1958)
Eugene Wright (from 1958)

The Dave Brubeck Quartet was a jazz - quartet , which in 1951 by Dave Brubeck on piano together with Paul Desmond was founded on saxophone. They played at the Blackhawk Club in San Francisco for a long time and became well known through albums such as Jazz at Oberlin , Jazz Goes to College , and Jazz Goes to Junior College .


In 1958, after various drummers and bassists, the so-called "Classic Quartet" was formed, which consisted of Brubeck, Desmond, Joe Morello on drums and Eugene Wright on bass and lasted until the band split up. In 1959 the Dave Brubeck Quartet released his album Time Out . It contained exclusively original compositions, almost none of which were in the usual 4/4 time . The album achieved platinum status in the USA and gold status in Great Britain with titles such as " Take Five ", "Blue Rondo à la Turk" and "Pick Up Sticks" . The quartet was able to follow up on this success with the album Dave Brubeck's Greatest Hits (gold in the USA), but no longer with albums such as Time Further Out (1961), Time in Outer Space and Time Changes .

In addition to experimenting with unusual time signatures, these albums were known for having contemporary art on their respective covers, including by Neil Fujita for Time Out , Joan Miró for Time Further Out , Franz Kline for Time in Outer Space and Sam Francis for Time Changes . A highlight for the group was their 1963 live album, At Carnegie Hall , dubbed "Dave Brubeck's best performance" by critic Richard Palmer.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet broke up in 1967, and only met again for the 25th anniversary in 1976.

Apart from the Classic Quartet, Brubeck often played as a quartet, for example as The New Brubeck Quartet (1977–1990s) with three of his sons or as The Dave Brubeck Trio & Gerry Mulligan (1968–1972). In the early 2000s, Brubeck called his band with Bobby Militello (saxophone), Michael Moore (double bass) and Randy Jones (drums) again The Dave Brubeck Quartet.


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