Depp Jones

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Depp Jones
General information
Genre (s) skirt
founding 1989
resolution 1992
Founding members
Bela B.
Axel "Atze" Ludwig (until 1990)
Guitar , vocals, keyboard , sampling
Rodrigo González
Michael Beckmann (until 1992)
Last occupation
Singing, sampling
Dirk Felsenheimer alias Bela B.
Peter Sonntag (from 1992)
Guitar, vocals, keyboard, sampling
Rodrigo González
Drums , sampling
Olaf M. Kobold (from 1990)

Depp Jones was a German rock band ("Eisenrock") that was founded in 1990 at the time when the doctors separated from Bela B. and others.

Band history

Depp Jones emerged from the band SUMP, which the four participants founded in 1989 together with the doctor-producer Uwe Hoffmann . The band name comes from the Lucky Luke comic No. 25 ("The Daltons in the Blizzard"), in which Averell Dalton is alias Depp Jones.

SUMP / Depp Jones' band was founded during a concert with González, Beckmann and Dirk Felsenheimer (Bela B.) , at which the Rainbirds had also played.

During the test recordings for the first album Return to Caramba! the band separated from Axel Ludwig (alias Atze). From then on, Rodrigo González was the sole guitarist with Depp Jones. Olaf M. Kobold joined the band as a drummer. In this formation the albums Return to Caramba were created! and Welcome to Hell .

In 1992 bassist Michael Beckmann left the band and was replaced by Peter Sonntag. With this new line-up, the album At 2012 AD was created. However, the band's commercial success failed to materialize and so the record contract, which expired in 1992, was not renewed by Sony Music. The band then broke up. When Bela B. and Farin Urlaub reunited Die Ärzte in 1993 , they took the former Depp Jones guitarist Rodrigo González into the band as bassist.

Today Olaf M. Kobold is a naturopath and practices in Dortmund.

Michael Beckmann is still successful in the music business today.

Today Peter Sonntag is the bass player for Final Virus.

Music genre

The band's musical roots lay between heavy metal and punk rock , with their music being characterized by changes in tempo and rhythm as well as unpredictable style breaks.

From the start, Depp Jones was to be clearly different from The Doctors. So the music was "harder" and the lyrics, unlike Die Ärzte, were partly in English.



  • 1990: ¡Return to Caramba!
  • 1991: Welcome to Hell
  • 1992: At 2012 AD


  • 1990: Depp Jones Promo (Promo CD)
  • 1990: Love is a Ghost (promo vinyl single)
  • 1990: Luxury / Mission Impossible

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