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Dietrich Kuessner (born May 23, 1934 in East Prussia ) is a German Protestant theologian and historian .


Kuessner grew up in Lötzen . Both his father Theodor and his grandfather were clergymen. Towards the end of the Second World War , the family had to flee to the west from the advancing Red Army .

Kuessner attended the seminary in Braunschweig and worked as a vicar in Melverode and Schöningen . He was ordained on December 23, 1962 . From 1963 to 1999 Kuessner was a pastor in the communities of Offleben and Reinsdorf-Hohnsleben , which belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Braunschweig . Kuessner has been retired since June 1, 1999. There was a heated argument with the regional church when Kuessner ran in 1998 as a Bundestag candidate for the party of democratic socialism (PDS). He was able to effectively counter an exclusion from the regional synod and disciplinary proceedings, but his publications on the regional church and its public representatives reflect this divided relationship up to the present day.

Braunschweigische Landeskirche and National Socialism

For decades, Kuessner has dealt intensively with various aspects of the history of the city of Braunschweig and the state of Braunschweig, with particular emphasis on the role of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Braunschweig before, during and after the Nazi era . Kuessner is regarded as a pioneer in dealing with this aspect and as a profound expert on the subject.

Works (selection)

The following works were partly created in collaboration with other authors or published by Kuessner:

  • Views of a Sunken City - The Brunswick City Churches 1933–1950. Uwe Krebs Verlag, Wendeburg 2012, ISBN 978-393203059-8 . #
  • The Braunschweigische Gesangbuch. Inquiries and observations on its history and shape from the Reformation to today , Braunschweig 2007.
  • The Braunschweigische ev.-luth. Regional Church and National Socialism. In: Braunschweig under the swastika. Bourgeoisie, Justice and Church - A series of lectures and their echo. Magni-Buchladen, Braunschweig 1981, ISBN 3-922571-03-4 . (Co-author with Helmut Kramer )
  • The German Evangelical Church and the Russian campaign. Offleben 1991.
  • "So everyone should be warned" - The Braunschweig Special Court 1933–1945. In: Sources and research on the Braunschweig national history. No. 36, Braunschweigischer Geschichtsverein , Braunschweig 2000, ISBN 3-928009-17-6 . (Co-author with Hans-Ulrich Ludewig )
  • Evangelical Church and National Socialism in the Salzgitter area. Protestant rectory Offleben, Büddenstedt 1983.
  • An overview of the history of the Braunschweigische Landeskirche 1930–1947.
  • "Give Eternal Freedom". A commemorative publication for the 75th birthday of Regional Bishop i. R. Dr. Gerhard Heintze. (as editor ), Büddenstedt; Braunschweig 1987.
  • “Kristallnacht” and anti-Semitism in the Braunschweiger Land. Three lectures in November 1988 by Ernst-August Roloff , Bernhild Vögel and Dietrich Kuessner. Büddenstedt-Offleben 1988
  • Church and National Socialism in Braunschweig , Braunschweig, Magni-Buchladen 1980
  • Regional Bishop Dr. Helmuth Johnsen. Evangelisches Pfarramt Offleben, Büddenstedt 1982, ISBN 3-922571-06-9 .
  • From monarchy to democracy. Notes on the November Revolution 1918/19 in Braunschweig and in the Reich. Krebs, Wendeburg 2008, ISBN 978-3-932030-46-8 . (Co-author with Maik Ohnezeit and Wulf Otte)

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