Dmitri Pavlovich Grigorovich

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Dmitri Pavlovich Grigorovich

Dmitry Pavlovich Grigorovich ( Russian Дмитрий Павлович Григорович ; born January 25 . Jul / 6. February  1883 greg. In Kiev ; †  26. July 1938 in Moscow ) was a Soviet aircraft designer.


Grigorovich attended high school and then studied at the Polytechnic Institute in Kiev . There he met Igor Ivanovich Sikorski and also designed his first aircraft, the G-1 biplane. During his studies he also studied in Liège for two semesters . He completed his engineering degree in 1909. Since he could not find a job in aircraft construction, he moved to Saint Petersburg and in 1911 was a reporter for the magazine Westnik vosduchoplawanija ( Russian Вестник воздухоплавания , messenger of the airship travel ) for two years .

In the spring of 1913 he was Technical Director of the newly formed First Russian Aviation Company ( Russian Первое Российское Товарищество Воздухоплавания ) p p Schtschetinin (PRTW), dedicated to the manufacture under license of the French types Nieuport IV and Farman XVI employed. In the summer, Grigorovich came into contact with flying boats when he was commissioned to repair a French Donnet-Lévêque . Based on this experience, he constructed his first flying boat M-1 in 1913 . With Grigorowitsch's types M-5 (1915) and M-9 (1916), Russia was able to catch up technologically with foreign manufacturers such as Felixstowe and Lohner in this type of aircraft in the First World War ; however, the types had the serious disadvantage of a lack of defensive armament to the rear, which made the flying boats more vulnerable to attacks by enemy fighters.

On July 1, 1917 founded his own company. But on March 13, 1918, the company became state property and from then on had to deal with the production of agricultural equipment. Grigorowitsch then moved to Sevastopol . From 1919 he worked for government agencies in the development of Soviet aviation and in 1922 became chief designer at Plant No. 3 Krasny Lyotschik ( Russian Красный лётчик , Red Flier), where his last flying boat model, the M-24 , was made in 1923 . In the same year his first fighter I-1 appeared . In 1925/26 he was appointed head of the " OMOS " (Department for Seaplane Experimental Construction, from 1927 "OPO-3", Experimental Department 3) in Leningrad, but on September 1, 1928 he was deposed because of unsatisfactory work results and replaced by II Artamonov . At the end of the 1920s, Grigorowitsch developed various fighter planes, but they were not very successful. After his arrest in 1930 and subsequent arrest until 1933, Beriev took over his design office. After being released from the developed Grigorowitsch R-5 , the tentative attack aircraft LSch, TSCH-1, TSCH-2 and already. In 1936 he became department head in the People's Commissariat for Aircraft Construction. At the same time he took over a chair for aircraft construction and aerodynamics at the MAI in Moscow.

Grigorowitsch died of leukemia in 1938 and was buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow. About 80 aircraft designs come from him, of which his flying boat designs are among the most successful.


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