Down in Albion

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Down in Albion
Babyshambles studio album


November 14, 2005

Label (s) Rough Trade

Genre (s)

Indie rock , post punk revival, garage

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Mick Jones

- Down in Albion The Blinding EP

Down in Albion is the debut album by the English band Babyshambles . It was also the third studio album by Pete Doherty after the two albums with The Libertines .

Special features of the album are the reggae track Pentonville , which is sung by Doherty's former inmate General Santana , and the mix of wild and chaotic punk, indie and garage rock that is typical for Doherty. With Albion and Merry Go Round there are also ballad-like pieces on the Babyshambles' first album. On the track La Belle et la Bête , Pete Doherty and his girlfriend at the time, Kate Moss, also sing .

Name meaning

Albion is an outdated name for England, Great Britain or the British Isles. More about this on the article Albion . On the album there is a track with Albion in which several places in England are named (excerpt: " Deptford , Catford , Watford , Digbeth , Mansfield / Ahh anywhere in Albion"). Live, for example on the live album Oh What a Lovely Tour , which was recorded in Edinburgh , Edinburgh in Scotland was one of the cities mentioned in the song.


  1. La Belle et la Bête (featuring Kate Moss ) ( Pete Doherty , Chevalley, Peter Wolfe ) - 5:05
  2. Fuck Forever (Doherty, Patrick Walden ) - 4:37
  3. À rebours (Doherty) - 3:23
  4. The 32nd of December (Doherty) - 3:08
  5. Pipedown (Doherty, Walden) - 2:35
  6. Sticks and Stones (Doherty, Wolfe) - 4:51
  7. Killamangiro (Doherty) - 3:13
  8. 8 Dead Boys (Doherty, Walden) - 4:16
  9. In Love with a Feeling (Doherty, Walden) - 2:51
  10. Pentonville (General Santana) - 3:49
  11. What Katy Did Next (Doherty, Alan Wass ) - 3:07
  12. Albion (Doherty) - 5:24
  13. Back from the Dead (Doherty, Wolfe) - 2:52
  14. Loyalty Song (Doherty, Walden) - 3:32
  15. Up the Morning (Doherty, Walden) - 5:43
  16. Merry Go Round (Doherty) - 5:22

Single releases

Killamangiro (November 11, 2004), Fuck Forever (August 15, 2005) and Albion (November 28, 2005) were released as singles.

Chart placements


In the English album charts, Down reached number ten in Albion . In Germany it came in highest position 46, in Switzerland 93 and in Austria 52.

In the annual charts, the album also did quite well with many critics. NME and Musikexpress had it in their top ten in 2005. NME also recorded the album at number 35 in the 100 Greatest Albums of the Decade ranking.


All three singles made it into the UK's top ten, especially Fuck Forever , released on August 15, 2005 , which reached number four. Albion and Killamangiro came in eighth.

The single Fuck Forever was named Single of the Year 2005 by Musikexpress magazine .


The reviews varied. Jan Wigger ( Spiegel Online ) certified Pete Doherty a genius as a songwriter. However, he regrets the inappropriate reggae track Pentonville . AllMusic's Heather Phares thinks the album is too disorganized and also attributes this to Doherty's drug addiction. However, she also recognizes the brilliance of a Pete Dohertys from the Libertines times.

Album cover

The simple album cover was designed by Pete Doherty himself.

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