Edmond de Coussemaker

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Bust of Edmond de Coussemaker in Bailleul , France

Charles Edmond Henri de Coussemaker (born April 19, 1805 in Bailleul , † January 10, 1876 in Lille ) was a French musicologist and lawyer .

He is known, among other things, for his copy of the manuscript 222 C 22 in the old Strasbourg city ​​library . The original of this manuscript from the beginning of the 15th century burned during the siege of Strasbourg in 1870 . With his copies, he handed down the most important motets of the Middle Ages and around 55 of 200 chants by Anonymous IV , but all of them were not entirely flawless. In musicological research, it must always be kept in mind with Coussemaker that it is a second-hand source that must be used with caution.


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