A lonely one returns

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German title A lonely one returns
Original title El retorno de Clint el Solitario
Country of production Spain , Italy
Publishing year 1972
length 87 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Alfonso Balcázar
George Martin
script Enzo Doria
production Enzo Doria
music Ennio Morricone
camera Jaime Deu Casas
cut Teresa Alcocer

A lonely returns is an Italian-Spanish spaghetti western from 1972 with George Martin and Klaus Kinski in the leading roles. Directed by Alfonso Balcázar , the score is by Ennio Morricone .


Cowboy Clint, wanted for murder, returns home after five years of fleeing. His wife Norma now runs a ranch, but initially reacts dismissively when Clint returns. Even his teenage son no longer wants to have anything to do with his father, whom he considers a coward. However, some bandits want to take the land from the farmers there. Clint tries to stay out of the argument with the crooks because he has promised his wife never to use violence again. During the entire time, the merciless bounty hunter Scott is after him, but he mostly stays in the background. When the bandits break into his house and take his family prisoner, Clint finally picks up a gun and takes them down one by one. In the end, Scott even helps him with it.


The film is a remake (not a sequel, as is often claimed) of the film Valley of Hope (original title: Clint el solitario ), which was made in 1967. The score is composed of Morricone's pieces used on previous soundtracks.


Thomas Groh writes in the Filmzentrale: "A film that is staged and narrated in a technically experienced manner, but which lacks the impetus for a significant role within the subgenre."

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