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In the field of electronic music, the German representatives Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Klaus Schulze are among the global pioneers.

The term electro (also: electro or electronic music) describes different styles of music, the common main characteristic of which is the implementation of compositions on a predominantly purely electronic basis and which primarily include electronic dance music of popular culture.

Notes on the term

The terms electro or electro have established themselves independently of one another in most of the relevant styles in order to distinguish themselves from traditionally instrumented music genres and to emphasize the dominant element of electronic sound generation (use of synthesizers and drum computers ). The common denominator of some of these electro styles is very often that the associated projects felt inspired by the music of the German band Kraftwerk .

The writing variants Electro and Elektro (with c or k) can differentiate between Electro - mostly in connection with the music styles Electro Funk and Electro - and Electro - mainly as an umbrella term for styles that emerged in the post-industrial and EBM environment. Occasionally, electro also refers to electro-pop or lounge music . So there is no dogmatic handling of the electro terms. Colloquially, the terms electro and electro are sometimes associated with techno or house music, even if this is not terminologically correct, since techno and house are related to the electro genre, but are now separate music genres and not subcategories represent more.


Kraftwerk was one of the first artists to combine danceability with electronic sounds and was a trendsetter of their time in the first half of the 1970s and a musical role model for countless artists. In the early 1980s the power plant album was created by the impact of Trans Europe Express in the United States of Electrofunk . Half a decade later, the development of electro-pop began, inspired by the Kraftwerk album Electric Café / Technopop . This took its starting point mainly in Europe and in particular continued the melodic side of electronic music. During this time the term "Electro" was created, which allowed the then "new" style of music to be differentiated from traditional electronic music. In the British television documentaries and the electronic revolution power plant (also published in Germany in the original version on DVD) and The Krautrock Divide the development towards electro or to electronic music clearly described. There is also a radio documentary on the music genre for the radio program Sounds from the Synthesizer .


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