Emirate of Gwandu

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The Gwandu (alternative names Gando or Igwandu ) was a historical kingdom of the Fulani in the area of present-day West African country Nigeria .


Gando on a map from 1898 (above)

In the west of the greater Sudan landscape , it was east of Massina , on both banks of the Niger and in the south it reached to the mouth of the Benue . It consisted of several provinces that were loosely connected to each other. At the end of the 19th century it had an area of ​​203,309 km² and had an estimated five million inhabitants.

The individual parts of Gwandu were: The western half of the Kebbi landscape with the capital Gwandu and the town of Birnin Kebbi (other spelling Birni-n-Kebbi ), which fell into ruin around 1888 and was once the center of a powerful kingdom. Furthermore, the desert-like landscape of Aréoua , Saberma with a wide Natronthal, Dendima , a large part of Gwandurma and a small part of Borgu , a large part of Yoruba with the city of Ilorin , Jaurie and finally the landscape of Nupe , which at that time had a flourishing cotton industry. Gwandu was ruled by a sultan who was related to the Sultanate of Sokoto , but was subject to him.

In April 1895, the German colonial official Hans Gruner tried in vain to negotiate a protection treaty with Sultan dan Khalilu in order to incorporate Gwandu into German West Africa . From March 1903 the emirate was then part of the British Protectorate of Northern Nigeria .

List of the emirs of Gwandu

1817-1828 Abdullahi dan Fodio 1756-1828
1828-1833 Muhamman Wani dan `Abd Allahi † 1833
1833-1858 Khalilu dan `Abd Allahi † 1858
1858-1860 Khaliru I dan `Abd Allahi † 1860
1860-1864 `Aliyu dan` Abd Allahi † 1864
1864-1868 `Abd al-Qadiri dan` Abd Allahi † 1868
1868-1875 Mustafa dan Muhamman † 1875
1875-1876 Hanafi dan Khalilu † 1876
1876-1888 Maliki dan Muhamman † 1888
1888-1897 `Umaru Bakatara dan Khalilu † 1897
1897-1898 `Abd Allahi Bayaro dan Muhamman † 1898
1898 - May 1903 Bayaro `Aliyu dan` Aliyu † 1903
May 1903 - March 1906 Muhammadu dan `Aliyu
March 1906 - March 1915 Khaliru II dan `Abd al-Qadiri † 1915
March 1915 - Jan 1918 Muhammadu Bashiru dan Khaliru † 1918
Jan 1918-1938 `Usman dan Khaliru † 1938
1938 - January 12, 1954 Yahaya dan Khaliru 1895-1954
January 13, 1954-1995 Muhammadu Haruna dan Muhammadu Bashiru 1913-1995
1995-2005 Mustafa Haruna Jokolo da Muhammadu Haruna


Individual evidence

  1. After Peter Sebald a contract was concluded, but a longer text passage was subsequently removed in which dan Khalilu declared the independence of his country (Hans Gruner, Peter Sebald (ed.): Vormarsch zum Niger , Edition Ost, Berlin 1997, ISBN 3 -929161-07-9 , pp. 410f.).