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Inquiry commissions (from French enquête , "investigation") are set up by the German Bundestag or a state parliament via factional working groups that are supposed to solve extensive and significant issues in which different legal , economic , social or ethical aspects have to be weighed up.

A joint position is to be worked out in a study commission. The aim is to find a solution to problems that can be supported by the overwhelming majority of the population (including the part that does not feel represented by the respective majority faction).

Working method

There are study commissions in Germany at both federal and state level. In order to set up a study commission at federal level, at least a quarter of the members of the German Bundestag must agree; At the state level there are different regulations depending on the state .

Such a commission consists of MEPs from all political groups and external experts . Both groups work in it as equal members. They are supposed to prepare decisions about extensive and significant issues. If possible, within the legislative period of its establishment, the study commission should prepare a report that will be discussed in the respective parliament . In the following legislative period, the parliament decides whether the study commission should continue its work. Your work in the German Bundestag is regulated in Section 56 of the Rules of Procedure of the German Bundestag . Corresponding regulations are also laid down in the rules of procedure of the states for work in the state parliaments.

Each study commission is i. d. Usually a secretariat with scientific specialists is assigned, who editorially coordinates the work in terms of deadlines and content and works on the creation of documents and publications. In addition to the usual meetings of the commission, there are also public and non-public hearings with non -investigating experts and representatives of the ministries and federal authorities.

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