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Heritage stands for:

  • Heritage , heir , estate receiver , the assets or rights and obligations of the deceased takes - there to national regulations
  • Heir (legal term) , a hereditary beneficiary, owner of an inheritance, co-heir, hereditary aldermen
  • Inheritance , legal inheritance , the occurrence of the inheritance through death
  • Inheritance , entering into an estate of a deceased, see inheritance law
  • Estate , including inheritance , the property of the deceased
  • Due to their uniqueness, authenticity and integrity, significant and therefore worthy of protection sites, nature reserves or cultural assets, see:

Erbe , Erbè , others:

  • Erbè , an Italian commune in the province of Verona in Veneto
  • Erbe (Armenia) , a liberal and centered political party in Armenia

Erbe is the family name of the following people:

Heritage stands for:

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