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Erik Johan Stagnelius on a drawing by LG Malmberg

Erik Johan Stagnelius (* 14. October 1793 in Gärdslösa on Öland , † 3. April 1823 in Stockholm ) was a Swedish writer of romance .


The son of the pastor and later bishop Magnus Stagnelius began studying theology at Lund University in 1811 , but after a year he moved to Uppsala University , where he studied law. This is also where his poetic work began. From 1815 he worked as an office worker in Stockholm and lived in poor conditions on Södermalm .

Stagnelius is considered a loner in Swedish literature , without contact with his contemporaries. The majority of his works appeared posthumously. Stagnelius' poetry is often obscure and of difficult mystical-philosophical content. His poems are characterized by extraordinary linguistic beauty and magnificence of sound and formal perfection. The Swedish literary scholar Göran Hägg takes the view (in Den svenska litteraturhistorien , Stockholm 1996) that Stagnelius is the only world-class Swedish poet alongside Carl Michael Bellman and Gustaf Fröding .

Stagnelius was buried in the cemetery of St. Mary Magdalene Church in Stockholm.


Second prize of the Svenska Academies for the poem Kvinnan i Norden ( The Woman in the North ) (1818)


  • Vladimir the Store (1817)
  • Kvinnan i north (1818)
  • Liljor i Saron , collection of poems (1821–22)
  • Bacchanterna eller fanatismen , tragedy (1822)
  • Samlade skrifter . Wiborg, Stockholm 1830-1833.
  • Samlade script IV . Svenska Academies, Stockholm 2011.


His collected works were published in German by KL Kannegießer, translated by Carl B. Lorck in Leipzig in 1851 in 6 volumes (in one volume) in the Scandinavian Library (7th to 12th volume). The volume sequence is: Volume 1: The Lilies in Saron. - Volume 2: Vladimir the Great. Didactic poems. Elegies. - Volume 3: Sonnets. Romances. Idylls. Mixed fonts. - Volume 4: The Martyrs. - Volume 5: The Knight Tower. Albert and Julia. Volume 6: The Bacchatinnen. The wooer in Rome. The conquest of Ceuta.


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