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Ernst Theodor Carl Schwalbe (born January 26, 1871 in Berlin , † March 16, 1920 in Schutow near Rostock ) was a German pathologist .


As the son of the grammar school director Georg Bernhard Schwalbe (* 1841 in Quedlinburg; † March 31, 1901 in Berlin) Schwalbe studied medicine at the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Universität Strasbourg , the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität zu Berlin and the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg . In Heidelberg he was awarded a Dr. med. PhD . From 1896 he was an assistant in pathology , anatomy and internal medicine in Heidelberg and Strasbourg .

He completed his habilitation in 1900 and taught as a private lecturer in Heidelberg. Since 1904 associate professor for pathology and pathological anatomy, in 1907 he became prosector and head of the Pathological-Bacterial Institute at the Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital . As early as the next year he followed the call of the University of Rostock to her chair for pathology. At the age of 49, he died as a volunteer and company leader in the Kapp Putsch in Rostock in 1920

Publications (selection)

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  • Microorganisms and diseases. Jena 1908.
  • General pathology. A textbook for students and doctors. Stuttgart 1911.
  • with Hermann Brüning (ed.): Handbook of general pathology and pathological anatomy of childhood. 2 volumes. Wiesbaden 1912-1914.
  • as ed. with Robert Meyer: Studies on the pathology of development. Jena 1914.
  • Lectures on the history of medicine. 3. Edition. Jena 1920.
  • The morphology of malformations in humans and animals. A textbook for morphologists, physiologists, general practitioners and students. Jena 1960.


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