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Erwin Einzinger (born May 13, 1953 in Kirchdorf an der Krems ) is an Austrian writer and translator.

life and work

After attending school in Linz , Upper Austria , he studied English and German in Salzburg and lives as a writer and translator in Micheldorf.

In 1977, the poetry collection Lammzungen was wrapped in cellophane and in 1983 the prose volume The horror over the silence in which reality continued . This was followed by the publication of poems, novels and translations by American authors, including John Ashbery , William Carpenter , Robert Creeley and James Schuyler . As an author, he received the Rauris Literature Prize in 1984 , the Mondseer Poetry Prize in 2008 and the HC Artmann Prize in 2010 .

Book publications

Own works

  • Lamb tongues wrapped in cellophane. Poems (1977, Alfred Winter Verlag)
  • The horror of the silence in which reality carried on. Seventy-one Life (1983, Residenz Verlag )
  • Headdress for Mansfield. Roman (1985, Residenz Verlag)
  • Animals, clouds, vengeance. Poems (1986, Residenz Verlag)
  • The ideal and life (1988, Residenz Verlag)
  • Blue pictures about love (1992, Residenz Verlag)
  • Small nod in the direction in which the knife is now pointing. Poems (1994, Residenz Verlag)
  • The wild bread (1995, Residenz Verlag)
  • From the history of popular music. Roman (2005, Residenz Verlag)
  • Dogs at the window. Poems (2008, young and young)
  • A knife from Odessa. Poems (2009, young and young)
  • From Jalalabad to Bad Schallerbach. Novel (2010, young and young)
  • The virtual trout. Poems (2011, young and young)
  • Barefoot to the cinema. Poems (2013, young and young)
  • A Kyrgyz western. Roman (2015, young and young)
  • (together with Hans Eichhorn) Autumn Sonata (2016, Edition Sommerfrische)
  • The wild boar. Arabesques (2018, young and young)


  • Robert Creeley , Mabel. A story (Residenz Verlag, 1989)
  • Robert Creeley, autobiography (Residenz Verlag, 1993)
  • William Carpenter, Regen , Poems (Residenz Verlag, 1990)
  • William Carpenter, A Keeper of the Herd , novel (Residenz Verlag, 1993)
  • William Carpenter, Mit Feuerzungen , Poems (Residenz Verlag, 1995)
  • John Ashbery / James Schuyler, A Bunch of Idiots , novel (Residenz Verlag, 1990)
  • James Schuyler, Hymn to Life , Poems (Residenz Verlag, 1991)
  • John Ashbery, Hotel Lautréamont , poems (Residenz Verlag, 1995)
  • John Ashbery, And the Stars Flashed , Poems (Residenz Verlag, 1997)
  • Ed Sanders , The Summer of Love. Tales of Beatnik Glory (Hannibal Verlagsgruppe Koch, 2002)

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