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Eva (or written in capitals : EVA ) is a Swiss comic by the writer Claude Jaermann and the illustrator Felix Schaad , which appeared first in the satirical magazine Nebelspalter , then daily from January 22, 2001 to the end of 2017 in the Tages-Anzeiger .


The comic strip was created in 1996 for the Nebelspalter . The forerunner was a comic strip about the rat «Igor». Although this was well received by many editorial offices, it was not published. Only after an intensive search for the authors was the Nebelspalter ready to publish the comic about the rat. An Eva comic strip has appeared daily in the Tages-Anzeiger since January 22, 2001 . The comic strips are compiled in volumes and published by the authors themselves. The comic strips have also appeared daily on the Tages-Anzeiger website since 2003. Eva was hired at the end of 2017 . Since January 3, 2018, the Tages-Anzeiger has published different comic strips by 6 different authors instead.



The heroine of the comic strips is called "Eva Grdjic" (transcribed from "Grđić" ). She should figure as an anti- heroine and so she is consciously neither young nor pretty, nor does she have an outstanding social position or a model job. She is a Montenegrin immigrant who works at the cash register at the fictional Cosmos Megastore shopping mall . Her trademarks are her overweight figure and her pointed, combed hair. She is extremely athletic and capable of many achievements that one would not even trust her physically.

The name and nationality go back to the former English teacher Ludmilla Grdjic from Claude Jaermann. She is the daughter of the famous Bosnian leader Vasilj Grdjic , who was involved in the historic 1914 assassination attempt in Sarajevo .

According to Felix Schaad, he was inspired by a real person and still has to think of her today when he draws Eva Grdjic. There was a fruit and vegetable seller in a shop in Winterthur who was not petite, but had a large bust and a stocky build. She also had a loud voice and a bitter charm and Felix Schaad still suspects a soft core in her.

family members

Eva Grdjic lives with her daughter Manuela ( Manu for short ), her grandson Kevin and her granddaughter Sabrina in Schwamendingen . This family thus represents the Swiss immigrant lower class. The comic always refers to current political or social issues and caricatures them. Kevin is Manuela's son and used to go to business school. Having frizzy hair and glasses, he looks a lot like Harry Potter . He also has a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. Kevin is a geek and always on the Internet. His younger sister is called Sabrina . In the house where the family lives, they often meet the caretaker Kurt Zwicky , who is an avowed SVP member.

Work colleagues

The work colleagues at the cash registers are Margrit , Ruth and Heidi . A man by the name of Sisyphus also works in the Cosmos , who was mainly employed for repairing shopping carts and other manual work. Sisyphus is superhumanly strong and is therefore used by Eva for various private assignments that require superhuman strength. First and foremost, Sisyphus helps Eva out of various emergencies. Sisyphus never speaks a word. Her homosexual superior Stefan Meili ( Smeili for short ), who had a brief affair with Coach Siegler , also belongs to the cosmos . Siegler used to be the coach of Cosmos boss Dr. Gabriel Vaisselle , but was later released.

Inclusion in real events

One of the comics portrayed the elections for city president of Zurich in 2002. At that time the question was whether the social democrat Elmar Ledergerber or the FDP politician Martin Vollenwyder would succeed the social democrat Josef Estermann . In the comic, the leading actress also applied for the office of president. In order to additionally caricature the whole thing, the comic artists with Eva Grdjic were also present in the election campaign and put up election posters in the streets of Zurich. Then the fictional Eva Grdjic applied in the comic with the slogan "For a social socialism" also for the office of city president.

radio play

The comic book heroine founded a band called The Laufband with her colleagues . A single CD was also released with the title She is called Eva ... Brutalasocialverruck .

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