Ewald Schneider

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Friedrich Heinrich Ewald Schneider (born September 9, 1859 in Minden ; † September 19, 1924 in Frellstedt ) was a German Lutheran theologian and author.


Schneider attended high school in Minden, from Easter 1876 in Braunschweig and after graduating from high school (Easter 1880) studied Protestant theology at the University of Berlin . In April 1883 he passed the tentamen (1st theological exam) and in June of that year he took up a position as assistant preacher at the penitentiary in Sonnenburg near Küstrin . On April 1, 1884 he was called up as a collegiate in the Wolfenbüttel seminary . In April 1885 he passed the main exam. On June 1, 1885 he became a parish collaborator of the spiritual ministry of the city of Braunschweig, in January 1889 pastor in Adersheim and in October 1895 pastor in Lesse .

Schneider advocated the creation of a German Protestant church in his writings. In addition to his independent publications, he was co-editor of the Braunschweig edition of the works of Martin Luther (3rd edition 1905) and author of numerous articles in the Christian World and other magazines.


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  • The core questions of Christianity, dealt with in the form of a dialogue. Goettingen 1896


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