Exotic Birds and Fruit

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Exotic Birds and Fruit
Studio album by Procol Harum


April 1974



Label (s) Chrysalis , repertoire

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Progressive rock

Title (number)


running time




Chris Thomas

Grand Hotel
Exotic Birds and Fruit Procol's Ninth
Single releases
1974 Nothing But the Truth / Drunk Again
1974 Beyond the Pale / Fresh Fruit

Exotic Birds and Fruit is the seventh studio album by British progressive rock band Procol Harum . It was released in April 1974. The English pedal steel guitarist B. J. Cole can be heard as a guest musician . The album cover shows the painting Fruit and Birds by the Hungarian painter Jakob Bogdani (1658–1724).


In collaboration with producer Chris Thomas, Procol Harum recorded the album at George Martin's Air London Studios in London. According to singer / songwriter / pianist and band leader Gary Brooker, the album was recorded in response to the two previous albums which used extensive orchestration. Brooker explained, “We did the live album with an orchestra. We then brought the orchestra to the studio for Grand Hotel ... we had enough of orchestras. "

The album contains the song Butterfly Boys , which was written about the founders of the band record label Chrysalis at the time. The band was dissatisfied with the terms of their contract and expressed this frustration in songs. Before the album was released, the first single was the opening song of the album Nothing But the Truth with the B-side Drunk Again .


The album received good reviews but only rose to # 86 on the Billboard Albums Chart . In Denmark , the best position after publication was ninth. Almost a year later, in early 1975, the album entered the top 20 again at number 19.

New release at Salvo 2009

In 2009 Salvo re-released Procol Harum's entire discography on CD in a version remastered by Nick Robbins. The new edition of Exotic Birds and Fruit included two bonus tracks personally selected by Gary Brooker and Keith Reid. Drunk Again , the B-side of the single Nothing But the Truth , and an alternate mix of As Strong as Samson .

Track list

Music: Gary Brooker , lyrics: Keith Reid

page 1

  1. Nothing But the Truth - 3:13
  2. Beyond the Pale - 3:03
  3. As Strong as Samson - 5:05
  4. The Idol - 6:38

Page 2

  1. The Thin End of the Wedge - 3:44
  2. Monsieur R. Monde - 3:40
  3. Fresh Fruit - 3:05
  4. Butterfly Boys - 4:25
  5. New Lamps For Old - 4:07

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